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  1. Tomorrow's Eid and I have pneumonia. Hooray for holidays!!!!!! ^_^

    1. Spacecreepkitan


      Oh geeze... I've had pneumonia several times ( my meds are immunosuppressants so I'm prone to that sort of thing ) but atleast they give me big ol bottles of hydromet ( hydrocodone cough syrup... almost makes the experience enjoyable :D

    2. professa X
  2. My spell check doesn't know English.........

  3. My internet is out and I'm trying to type using my dad's phone but everything I write gets deleted. What a pain.

    1. SuperSlamm


      Sounds really frustrating.

    2. lemmingllama


      Yeah, I had the same issue when my computer went down. I just typed everything into a notepad then just copied and pasted

  4. Need sugar...........................sugaaaaar..........

  5. Roxas, just waay cooler then Sora, and I don't like Sora he's too........cheerful, there's not really any other side to him, cheerful, desperate, that's about it.
  6. Sephiroth would win, Lightning wouldn't stand a chance. Lightning dies, Then Cloud comes and beats Sephiroth.
  7. Namine, because she draws and I just like her better, She's not as annoying as Kairi.
  8. Gameboy/Color/Advance/SP Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald PoKéMoN LeafGreen/FireRed
  9. I believe that, yes it should be a mixture of both, but intent may be more important. The intention behind the deed generally seems to be why one person killing someone is different then another person doing the same. For example, Hitler's intention was to kill the Jews, to save his country. This resulted in a larger consequence then, say a police officer who has to kill someone to stop them from shooting others. Both intend to kill someone, But the one with a larger consequence is the one With a Broader intention. Hitler wanted to kill all Jews thinking it would save the country. The police officer only wanted to kill the person who was a threat to others, to save innocent lives. One was killing innocent civilians, the other is killing one, to save many. The intention is what makes one person considered a horrible person, and the other a hero. But you could also say it's the scale of the consequence. Hitler's action caused the death of thousands, The police officers was only one or two. But the reason I believe the intentions matter, is because both are still killing people, and to me it does not matter if it's one or one hundred if your killing innocent people. The only difference for me that makes one person a monster and the other a hero is that one was intentionally killing thousands without any real need of it, while the other didn't have much of a choice and only wanted to save people, or at least minimise the casualties.
  10. Haven't been online, full email Inbox. I am not going through that!!!!

  11. First I heard about it from who knows where, then I saw a music video for one of my favorite songs with a fan made video using clips from Advent Children, and then I was obsessed after watching it.....
  12. My new nickname is Spammy now......Yay.

  13. Its hard for me to choose between VI and V....
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