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  1. Jace Beleren

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    I have been playing Crysis alot lately. It is one of the best fps's I have played, differently worth the money.
  2. Jace Beleren

    Rate The Signatures Above

    WAIW-Looks good. i cant see alot being done to it, but its simple 7/10
  3. Jace Beleren

    Rate The Signatures Above

    the posted one, the stock is actually a render and i put a shadow inside it. and its not gears of war lol its ut3 both made my epic so yea and your sig is sweet as hell. Marluxia is my fav. org. 13 member and the smudging and c4d is really cool 9/10
  4. Jace Beleren

    Rate The Signatures Above

    Whiplash-Looks cool. i like the contrast in it. coloring is nice and the c4d placement is good 9.5/10 Lag-simple but neat 7/10
  5. Jace Beleren

    Resident Evil - Umbrella Chronicles

    idk if im the only one or not, but i am not really a fan of it. its like dead aim kinda, idk the fps thing in res. evil never got me interested.
  6. Jace Beleren

    Rate The Signatures Above

    Whiplash-i think i already rated that one...? not sure tho. a 9/10 tho. looks good. Eskimotaro-the texted is weird lol 7/10
  7. Jace Beleren

    SOTW #9 Voting!

    i voted for Whiplash, kick ass sig right there
  8. Jace Beleren

    Jace's work

    Got some new sigs, i need to start using photoshop more so i can get better ha. but here are some new ones (no text )
  9. Jace Beleren

    The Song Stuck in Your Head

    U by Edgewater. greats song
  10. Jace Beleren

    Nobodies or Heartless?

    heartless all the way. nobodies i didn't care at all for, even tho some of the characters in org. 13 looked sweet. i still did not like the parts they played in the game.
  11. Jace Beleren

    Namine Or Kairi?

    I would easly have to pick Kairi. I never liked Namine or Roxas, i think there part just ruined the story to me (the whole story in KH2 just ruined it all for me)
  12. Jace Beleren

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Right now i am playing Persona 3. pretty bomb game, its kinda messed up (your pretty much pointing something at your head that looks like a gun....yea good game for kids...) anyways regardless the weirdness of the game it is actually real great im also playing the Unreal Tournament 3 demo. and yea that game is amazing.
  13. Jace Beleren

    Favorite Anime

    i havn't really gotten a chance to watch much anime, but from what i have watched i would have to say Gundam Seed Destiny
  14. Jace Beleren

    How did you get into gaming?

    yea they were good games. i wish i still had it i would end up playing it again
  15. Jace Beleren

    How did you get into gaming?

    I started with computer games, like Rayman, earth worm jim (haha), doom, quake 2. but i didn't really get into gaming till i got a playstation for christmas, and ff9 with it. first rpg i ever played and it got me hooked on gaming.