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  1. That Bob Marley sig (it is Bob Marley right?) kicks ass! I'm a bit against the blurriness in the other sigs though. I like what you did with the smoker sig. Great work, as usual!
  2. Cocorosie Mulan Lou Rhodes Some Random Stock Some Random Stock Goldie Gave Cartuar Charlotte Gainsbourg Yuuko And of course, some are so horrible I never used them. Now where are everyone?
  3. Newest => Oldest (hopefully the order is right) Found this picture on flickr The same sig after I thought it needed some colours Kate Bush Emilliana Torrini Corrine Bailey Rae Tom Waits Harle Snow White Frankeinstein Abby DeWald
  4. I second that about the borders and the subfont. Other than that it looks great! Though I'd like to see a bit more work with the song names at the back.
  5. Oooh, I like this, the colour, composition, concept and all. I prefer the coloured version, not a big fan of black and white sigs, sorry.
  6. In a nutshell, when you die, you disintegrate and once again become what you were before your birth, and from that you split, join, and contribute to the creation of another being. You're only thinking now because your brain's working, once it's stopped, there is no more sense, you can't taste, smell, or feel anything. The more power we possess, the closer we feel like we are to the supreme forces. There has got to be something we are incapable of doing, to keep us from impersonating what we look up to, be it or not just our imagination. When someone I hold close to die, I don't see why I shouldn't be pleading about their death, considering I would never be able to see or talk to that person again.
  7. It really makes no difference to me.
  8. I don't really like this, the hand looks bleached and the things to the right are a bit over-sharpened. The blank space to the left doesn't really work either. 7/10
  9. I also voted for Whiplash.
  10. Maybe it's just me and the pink, but I don't feel like all the colours in the top one works well together. Also, I imagine that the face of that person is what you're aiming to have people's eyes concentrated on, you should make it sharper, instead of blurring it. The top sig is average. I'd say 5/10 The second one is better; the stock and the colours blends, the focus is good. Though, I think the yellow is a bit striking, there's just too much of it to me. 7/10
  11. I love the evil look on Kairi's face.
  12. I saw Citizen Dog yesterday. Basically a Thai's version of Amelie Poulain, except with different plot and characters. But it was really good, I liked it.
  13. I voted for WAIW for his interesting use of text, stock and space.
  14. I though Anima's Oblivion was cool.
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