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  1. i would say.. pride lands, I was thinking hollow bastion but I liked it a lot more in kingdom hearts 1 as this big cool castle
  2. some people just like watching a anime that they can easily understand. For instance people want to pay attention to whats happening in the movies/shows not the dialog text at the bottom. though for me this is not really the case as i watch both. A good example of dubs better than subs would be dragon ball z, though some of the dialog sounds stupid at times, the voices actually fit the characters for me, however the sub version I do not get how goku's voice is so high.
  3. Is it too much to like both? But in all seriousness, I like the brotherhood series a little better because Im a big fan if epic fight scenes and brotherhood has plenty, though the only letdown for me is the gonzo like 3d animation of envy when he transforms.
  4. I tend to like the style in these animes: soul eater (cool cartoon like style) Ghost in the shell ( very impressive animations and detail) Naruto (again very impressive for a long series, and the fight animations are very cool)
  5. My favorite rpg and game in general is the kingdom heart series on the ps2, and i want them to hurry up and make the 3rd one already
  6. I have never really been much of a fan with the elder scroll series, i did however love fallout 3.
  7. the uncharted series, god of war 3, valkyria chronicles if you like jrp/strategy games
  8. guild wars 2 after beta. Hopefully not too far away till release
  9. the ending of samurai champloo, and the fact that the anime of berserk finished just as it started to get really awesome
  10. not too sure if this would be considered an RPG, but anyways, the kingdom heart series
  11. In terms of realistic violence, probably manhunt. But for unrealistic maybe LFD 2 or GOW3
  12. i would choose final form, the shadow form, becuase sora in shadow form looks baddass
  13. i liked tododile, becuase he danced when he won fights
  14. can you do me a favor

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