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  1. Minecraft, unlike any other game, i can always play more minecraft.
  2. Assassin's creed and borderlands would make great anime. the story of assassin's creed especially since it is so in-depth.
  3. Ghost in the shell. I so want a cyberized body. all that tech is just so awesome.
  4. because a cute girl taking care of someone or being sick herself is moe.
  5. I prefer dubbed, because then i can do other things while watching it cuz i dont need to stare at the screen to know what is going on.
  6. Matsuri, from Ichigo Mashimaro. I love her because she is just like me.
  7. first anime i ever watched was sailor moon when it used to be on cartoon network. second i ever saw was dbz cuz it was on right after sailor moon.
  8. Battle Programmer Shirase is a good one.
  9. angelbelle

    Favorite Anime

    Ichigo Mashimaro It is just too cute.
  10. xbox 360 Sony is copying nintendo when they had already said that the wiimote looked like a lollipop (basically saying it is for kids) then they came out with a lollipop.
  11. Thank you. lol, I didn't think anyone would reply.
  12. Hi my name is Annabelle. How are you?
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