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  1. You demand it !!!!! Sorry but that can't be done from what I know poll cannot be edited ...
  2. Mostly don't like any coz I don't understand a single japanese word... Though the music isn't half bad..
  3. No one likes Lucy ??? She had such a strong character....
  4. Nothing sensual .. just an innocent appreciation of Anime ... Sry if i could not include any of your favourite character as only 15 options are permitted and i don't watch as much anime as you freaks... Just kiddin ..
  5. Who said Nami likes Luffy???? She only loves money..
  6. In theater 7th may probably...
  7. Lucario and Blaziken are not half bad..
  8. No bleach no naruto no onepiece ??? am i seeing things or you didn't mention any of these !!!
  9. Bleach, naruto , onepiece , codegeass, deathnote .these were the foundation of my interest in anime .. WARNING-Once you start watching them you won't be able to quit anime
  10. belated6b.jpg

    what i meant was that...

    Hey welcome to Kametsu Forums, home of Anime & Video Game discussions as well as Anime Downloads. Feel free to look around, post if find something to reply to, or create a new thread if you are interested in starting up a new topic of discussion. If you download any Anime, please be sure to give a thank you in that thread, as it not only shows you appreciate the uploaders work of uploading and possibly even encoding the Anime.. but also shows people are actually interested and downloading what they took the time to do!

    Anyways I hope you like it here, and continue to visit! Have fun! ^_^

    You post this stuff to evry 1 .. perhaps a little modification and individuality will help...

  11. What do you mean I need to change intro message? What message you talking about? And thanks. Well I run the place mostly by myself, do all the maintenance, etc.. Sensui is an active member that posts around, and well there are other staff members and stuff too. We are always looking for more uploaders to help out as well as active posters to help keep the forum alive.

  12. I can definitely see that ... believe it

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