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  1. awesome can't wait hope its multiplayer it should be
  2. any good converting software's out there that are free and can convert files to mp4 format? *spelt software wrong in title don't think i can edit it lol. oh and does any one know how i go about converting only the English dubbed version of an anime that is duel audio so i can use mp4 to add it to iTunes. thanks.
  3. seen quite a few of those haven't seen Panty & Stocking heard of minami-ke!i'll check them out thanks
  4. thanks ill take a look at it, it isn't one I've seen thank you
  5. I've seen quite a few funny amines but was wondering if you could suggest some that i possibly haven't seen.
  6. Hey nice to meet you, and nice anime favorites
  7. Dam fire works can barely hear my anime -_-

    1. (AC)


      Anno how you feel :/

  8. Uncharted gotta be, Although i still like Kill Zone and God of war.
  9. franko446


    I don't wear hats but if i would pick a favorite I'd say a fedora.
  10. franko446

    PS3 vs. Xbox

    I think that both have their ups and downs i think that the fact PS3 is free to play online and has never changed that policy that's great. on the other hand it misses out on some of the great titles such as Halo, gears of war, etc.... It doesn't seem to over heat as frequently as a Xbox, But it quite a bit more to buy than an Xbox. Xbox overheats in my opinion more than a PS3,doesn't last as long and changes a ridiculous amount to play online and the Microsoft points system isn't exactly fare. It also misses out on titles such as uncharted, kill zone, etc... however it is cheaper that a PS3 it doe's have a slightly better online play (what you expect for paying money).
  11. Gotta be L from death note he is just awesome All though i like lelouch lamperouge from code geass as well.
  12. full metal alchemist code geass R1 code geass R2 Death note K-ON!
  13. I think snow is awesome especially because he voices schnitzel in the English dubbed version of code geass .
  14. i think that lightning could own Sephiroth just my opinion i guess.
  15. Death note, full metal alchemist and K-ON! my three favorite opening themes!!
  16. I'm sure that the elder scrolls would make good films
  17. To me code geass it seemed that little bit longer getting into, i loved death note however code geass story was great and did not differ at all after i started to get into it, death note varied story lines for me just near the end, although i loved the characters in death note i loved code geass also for me there pretty much comparable.
  18. i really hate shou tucker from full metal alchemist brotherhood
  19. i only really watch dubbed cause i don't like reading subtitles i would watch the Japanese versions if i could speak Japanese
  20. ryuk is pretty weird looking as well as rem from death note
  21. favorite Antagonist L of death note favorite villain probably father from full metal alchemist brotherhood
  22. < L probably my all time favorite character of any anime I've seen :0
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