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  1. Mamoru Miyano is currently my favorite person.

    1. xKiYoMiNaTiONx


      How can he not be? xD...

  2. poetictragedy

    poetictragedy's Showcase

    Thank you! Banners have always been a challenge for me. And now, because of the size increase, I think they're even more difficult!. >_<
  3. poetictragedy

    poetictragedy's Showcase

    I haven't made a banner in a long time, but I kind of like this one. September 2014 by poetictragedyx, on Flickr
  4. poetictragedy

    poetictragedy's Showcase

    I just had a look through them myself, and omg some of them are so bad. WHAT WAS I THINKING? >_<
  5. poetictragedy

    SOTW #162: Fairy Tail [Closed!]

    LINKIN PARK LimitLess dn_angel000
  6. poetictragedy

    Super Smash Bros 4 3DS Demo code

    Ooh, if somebody is going to hand them out, I'd like one too please. uwu
  7. poetictragedy

    SOTW #162: Fairy Tail [Closed!]

    Theme: Characters wearing goggles
  8. poetictragedy

    poetictragedy's Showcase

    Whoo, I haven't done anything in a while. >_< SOTW 162 by poetictragedyx, on Flickr
  9. poetictragedy

    Garden Girl Sig Tutorial

    Great tutorial! I'm gonna have to borrow that color adjustment trick with the Gaus Blur + Motion Blur. :3
  10. poetictragedy

    Fall 2014 Anime Lineup

    Just judging the pictures and descriptions here. A lot of times, I'll try watching things based on Tumblr hype. SERIES: Magic Kaitou World Trigger Ai Tenchi Muyo - I used to watch the original Tenchi Muyo, so I'll have to check this out for nostalgia's sake. Kiseiju Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji - Maaaybe. The first half of the description sounded really cute, but the second half sounds like a DiaLovers situation. >_< Orenchi no Furo Jijou Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete - I like anime with cool female protags. Could be interesting. BD/OVA/SPECIALS: Kuroshitsuji MOVIES: Some sort of SNK movie? I might check it out.
  11. poetictragedy

    Who's your favorite voice actor?

    Right now, it's probably Mamoru Miyano. English voice actors are harder. Maybe J Michael Tatum, partially because he's a hilarious person.
  12. poetictragedy

    Going from Anime Dub to Sub..

    I'm currently watching Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus, which is part of the Black Butler franchise. And I've only ever watched Black Butler dubbed, so seeing the sub is pretty weird. But not weird enough to keep me from watching it. I'll probably even watch it again if/when they decide to dub it.
  13. poetictragedy

    How was your day today?

    It started out great. My job interview went pretty well, I thought. Then the doctor said that because the practice where I'm currently employed refers a lot of patients to his practice, he wants to call my boss and let her know that I've applied and am considering a position with this new clinic. [stress level increases] Then I take my rat into work for a recheck because he was diagnosed with pneumonia last weekend. I think he's doing better, but his doctor doesn't think so and recommends x-rays. Oh, and he also has lice now. [stress level increases] X-rays show that he definitely does have pneumonia, and he's only able to use a fraction of his lung space to breathe because the rest is filled with gunk. [sTRESS LEVEL CRITICAL]
  14. DRAMAtical Murder episode 10. Eh, it was Mink's episode, and he's my least favorite character, so it's whatever.
  15. poetictragedy

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Tomodachi Life, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Pokemon X, and Rune Factory 4. I lost all of my save data when I transferred to a 3DS XL, so I've got to start them all over. Which isn't 100% terrible.
  16. I may have a job interview on Tuesday~

    1. ChoeyXD


      What kind of job are you interviewing for?

    2. poetictragedy


      Thanks, guys! uwu

      It's for a veterinary surgical technician opening at a surgical center.

    3. Sheldon131


      Sounds great. Good luck.

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  17. I probably should eat something before my 7 hour shift...

  18. poetictragedy

    Recent Anime Purchases?

    I bought Uta no Prince-sama 2 on Bluray! And I recently ordered an acrylic charm of Ren from DRAMAtical Murder. I can't wait for that to arrive.
  19. poetictragedy


    My biggest hobby right now is cosplay, so this thread is very relevant to me, whether it's old or not. uwu
  20. poetictragedy

    What's Your Ideal Relationship?

    omg, this. I want one too.
  21. poetictragedy


    I didn't get any pictures at Colossalcon after all, waaah. But I did talk to somebody today who agreed to take some at Youmacon in October, so maybe then! Also, I finished another cosplay last night: Ranmaru Kurosaki from Uta no Prince-sama. It wasn't on my list of future cosplays, but I was asked to join an UtaPri group for Youmacon, and the character I usually cosplay (Tokiya) was already taken. I reaaally want to do Lucina from Fire Emblem: Awakening next, but it's probably waaay too hard for me at this point. I just figured out how to work my sewing machine and managed to sew a couple simple things. I probably should work my way up there. -3-