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  1. OMG you guys have done work on this site, I haven't logged in since forever. magnificent stuff is least I could say :o 

  2. what is the problem with these episodes ? why shouldn't I download them yet ?
  3. I thought bulbasaur has DBNL's release of one piece so why is it no longer there please if anyone could inform the owner of the bot and tell him get them back hope he didn't delete them
  4. I guess urahara and Ishin have some past together that's related to ishin's lost powers
  5. as far as I can see the captain commander did not use his bankai against aizen and that means he wasn't considering him as a real threat like the way it is against juha bach the quincy
  6. I think Aizen still has a trick up his sleeves and somehow will get back to complete his plan
  7. Harribel Barragan stark and yami are probably Vasto lorde the others are probably close to that level
  8. chad is strong but slow and that makes him the defensive character so he's not that bad I expect him to become stronger after the fullbring arc
  9. hope he's still has those hollow powers because without them he's nothing but a reagular shinigami but as far as I can remember against aizen he didn't need them to win
  10. I think Ichigo's still hasn't obtained bankai what he's doing is nothing but manifesting a regular zanpakto and when he was battling Aizen he used shikai and that mugetsu form is probably his real bankai that's why quincys are not able to seal his black sword because it's not bankai
  11. Ichigo's dad was banished from soul society after having a relationship with a human (ichigo's mother) and there was probably a problem back then involving Aizen and some other guy who had the final getsuga tensho used on him
  12. I really wanted soul society to make a funeral for the guy of some sort or just recognize what he has done but ...
  13. Limayem

    Kenpachi Zaraki

    I don't think kenpachi will achieve bankai I mean he's already able to smash evryone if he ever uses both hands
  14. Rukia won't achieve bankai because people need to train HARD in a very long period to achieve it or use that urahara technique wich requires so much natural skill
  15. Gin and Rangiku Hitsugaya and Karin Ulquiorra Orihime
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