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  1. Just tell me when FUNimation will release The Future Diary.
  2. 7.7..... Damn Windows for not reading correct clock speeds for 1155 socket procs...........
  3. This site seems like it'll be pretty amazing once you hit 15+ posts....
  4. Awesome! I'll definitely be coming back here..
  5. The second one, only because it has an unfair advantage.
  6. Hologram, without a doubt. Everytime the music drops, it reminds me how amazing this anime was.
  7. Angel Beats!!!!!!! - My Soul, Your Beats!
  8. SS2 Gohan (isn't that the one who was fighting Cell)?
  9. Brotherhood: Mustang! | Original: Sloth!
  10. Can't wait until FUNImation releases it! I just don't wanna hear any familiar English voices (Todd, etc.).....
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