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  1. I have the strange sensation that ants are walking on me XD

    1. jobonline20
    2. ZeroPenguins


      Whoa sounds like you're on some crazy drugs. lols

    3. Anras Rune

      Anras Rune

      I think a trip to a "safe" place may be in order here Mae. Don't worry, the straight jacket is made of silk...

  2. Eating peppermint Chocolate... mmm yummy...

    1. Trend


      That mixed with some good pretzels would be amazing

    2. Talena Mae

      Talena Mae

      *drools* Now i am gonna get some! ^.^

    3. The Welsh Paddy

      The Welsh Paddy

      Why not chuck it in a blender with some icecream and make a shake?

  3. Used to all the new things now.... I think XD

  4. Looking around at all the new thinies xD

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    2. Talena Mae

      Talena Mae

      It would be!!! School is the best for parents (or ppl looking after kids in my case lol)

    3. The Welsh Paddy

      The Welsh Paddy

      Yeah. Young Paddy really enjoys it as well. He's made so many new friends and his speaking is coming along great. I'm so proud with how much he's been learning. :)

    4. Talena Mae

      Talena Mae

      Just wait til lil Paddy Hits highschool XD It is getting closer and closer for me and my oldest nephew xD

  5. Drama is a sad part of life Kekky, you get used to it after a bit and learn to ignore it.

  6. ok sort of like an emily Rohda type book, with witch.... I know, how about a witch princess, she dont know she is a princess though cause she was... lost/stolen after birth...

    Something like that appeals to girls neh?

  7. Gender? are you wishing to target boys or girls?

  8. ok so 5-7 year olds, you would be looking for short stories/novelettes yes?

  9. LOL Sure ^.~ you were just doing a "straight and strait" thing again XD

    ok now, target ages?

  10. Which? oh do you mean Witch?

  11. *hugs* how you going Kekky?

  12. sure! you have a topic you are interested in or want for it?

  13. Happy birthday Kekky!

  14. I thank you for your kind words, and I hope to one day soon read a story or a part of a story you have written. ^.^

  15. You upload has not followed the rules please edit again and follow these guidelines: http://forums.kametsu.com/showthread.php?t=33383 once you have made the edits please contact Shazi, myself or Emotional Outlet and we will be happy to move your thread back once it had been edited to the template Koby has set up.

    There is no actual Mod for the farplane, all the staff members have access to it.

  16. sure, send me a PM and I will get back to you ^.^

  17. "Hey Shazi's teacher, Shazi is not doing her work!!" LOL

  18. Yup yup! As soon as i finish making my bed I will type up the next one ^.^

  19. alrighty then ^.^ have fun Xa

  20. to prevent double posting, if you need to quote more then one person use the ' "+ ' button until the last person then you hit the normal quote button, if you forgot to add anything to your post you click the EDIT button simple ^.^

  21. SID! As in the the VK/J-rock/pop band that sid?? XD

  22. Pollo beloved! happy late Vday ^.^

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