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  1. Yeah! this is awesome news, I'd love to see this happen with some other series as well.
  2. I will occasionally get an early access game, if it looks like something I may enjoy. And if it's not too expensive. For instance, I recently got 7 Days to Die on steam, and have been enjoying it immensely.
  3. Mech Warrior Living legends for Crysis, haven't played it in some time but it was amazing. Also I'm looking forward to Skywind as well.
  4. 1.PS4 for me 2.Mainly because after going through three Xbox 360's I now have a certain disdain for Microsoft. Also most of the exclusives that I'm really looking forward to are coming out on PS4 3. Infamous, Killzone Shadowfall, The Last of Us Remastered. These aren't really exclusive, but Destiny was a lot of fun for a while, its short lived though not much to do after beating the main story,Watchdogs is great I really enjoy it Also If anyone wants to add me seeing as my friends list is a tad empty my PSN ID is Sevurai_. I found out later the person who had taken my name and forced me to put an underscore at the end was none other than myself lol, turns out I already had a PSN account, too late now though.
  5. Watchdogs on PC day one. It reminds me of the Bourne movies and I really enjoyed those, plus being able to hack a city sounds pretty great.
  6. Outlast 9/10, the scariest game I've played in a long time, ending wasn't so great, but the rest of the game made up for it. Also Saints Row IV 8/10, the game was hilarious the whole way through, plus having superpowers was awesome.
  7. Yeah I got a bit of a laugh when I saw they changed the title to XV, I guess since it took so long they figured that versus XIII didn't make much sense anymore. Though TBH that title never made much sense to me to begin with, in any case still can't wait.
  8. I can wait, plenty of other cool stuff coming out to keep me busy till then. But I almost had a heart attack when I saw DICE was making it, I love the Battlefield series.
  9. Personally I don't know whether to be happy or sad at the prospect of a new series, If they do it right then I'm all for it, I just hope it doesn't turn out like GT did.
  10. DBZ it was the first anime I ever saw, I used to watch it when I got home from school.
  11. I have to agree I don't normally go for the romance stuff, I'm more of an action anime guy, but this one was great. Plus Its really hard to make me cry but this show got me.
  12. Nolan North is great but I do get tired of hearing him since hes in so many games. Liam O'brien is quite good as well, one of his bigger video game roles was Darksiders as War. There are quite a few others, but they've mostly been listed already.
  13. I know the guy who made the original recently released a new one that's better than most of the others imo.
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