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  1. kirkyeehee

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    I'm currently Playing Elsword on the PC (free online MMO) and Farcry 3 on the PS3. Farcry 3 isn't that great to me as I'm not big on shooters. I just wantedto see what the hype was about. Luckily for me I never paid for it lol.
  2. kirkyeehee

    Hardest Video Game You've EVER Played!

    Almost any NES title. /thread lol. It's hard to pick just 1 though.
  3. kirkyeehee

    Last Manga You Read

    I've never read manga before really. I've tried but couldn't get into it. B Gata H Kei will be the first I will start and finish though as I want to see how that series is supposed to end. A 2nd season never got made for it and the story is in limbo now.
  4. kirkyeehee

    Who loved or Hated Ouran High

    It was a hit and miss series for me. I liked some episodes, then some I couldn't care less about seeing.
  5. kirkyeehee

    What Do You Like About Anime?

    What draws me into an anime is the story. If it has a good story I'm hooked. I've actually had a few anime bring tears to my eyes before. (Strike Witches 2 being one of the most recent) I get overly involved with the stories and characters and then the emotions get attached. To feel sad for a fictional character when something bad or sad happens to them... You know you're hooked in the series when this happens. (most wouldn't admit this though )
  6. kirkyeehee

    Sailor Moon New Anime 2013

    One of those series that just never dies it seems lol. I remeber watching the original series back when I was a kid. I used to kinda like it... but it's not like i never had a chocie, we had next to no startions where I live back then and it was literally the only anime on (I didn't even know what anime was back then lol) and as a kid there wasn't many cartoons I didn't like. I don't much care for Sailor Moon now though. (no offense to those that do like it, it's just not for me as an adult now)
  7. kirkyeehee

    Apparently I'm not now

    Will do. One of the first things I'll be doing is checking out the rules. I've become aware of forum rules since becoming a mod lol.
  8. kirkyeehee

    Anime You've Recently Completed?

    My last completed series was B Gata H Kei: Yamada's First Time. (dubbed for me) 10/10 I wasn't expecting to much from the series going in, I was expecting a softcore hentai series (ecchi) basically with the title. I decided to give it a shot anyway. I am so very glad I did. A dirty, perverted, girl who blurts out anything and everything was a nice change of pace for the pervy character. It's setup with laugh after laugh but also has a good romantic story hidden within. I was hooked within minutes of the first episode. Let's just say I never thought I'd be rooting for an anime characters "first time" like this did once I got into it good. At times you'll be calling her a bitch, then she shows a bit of her true self and you'll be yelling at the screen, saying things like "why can't you be like that more!!" (if she was though, the series would only be half as good lol) I am really hoping the original company that made it gives us the rest of the series. It's been 2 years since it was originally made and the story is left unfinished after 12 gripping episodes. This series has been a first that I'm keeping in a permanent place on my external hard drive. This series is a keeper. I'm now gonna move onto the manga just so I can see how the series ends. I'm not big on manga, but the rest of this story deserves to be seen in my opinion. The voice casting was chosen well for this as well. So much energy and passion in the acting and you can feel it. It didn't feel forced or fake like some anime will. It felt genuine. My advice is, if you haven't picked this series up yet, then give it a shot. If you like comedies and/or romantic tales with pervy overtones in it, then you will not be disappointed.
  9. kirkyeehee

    Apparently I'm not now

    Hello everyone. I've apparently joined this forum at some point since geting internet 4 years ago and didn't know it. I wnet to join and my usualy username was taken. I tried the name with a few different passwords and hit one right so here I am lol. I just recently learned about your irc channel and thought I'd check the forums out that go along with it. It's obvious what spot I have the most interest in and I need the 15 posts to get there. I'm not about to go and spam the forums over the span on 15 minutes to get those posts though. As a mod on a couple other sites (gaming related) nothing pisses me off mroe than pointless spam. Anyway. just thought I'd start breaking in my 15 posts by introducing myself. See you around. (I need to remember to bookmark this site lol) *EDIT* Looks like I already have a few posts from when I joined as well. Woot half way there with this post LOL.
  10. kirkyeehee

    What Final Fantasy Do You Own?

    in some form or another I own: FFIII/VI (snes) FFIV (snes) FFV (snes) FFVI (ps1) FFVII (ps1) FFVIII (ps1) FFIX (ps1) FFX (ps2) FFX-2(ps2) FFXII (ps2) FFXIII (xbox 360) <---- not proud to admit I own this one >_<
  11. kirkyeehee

    Thoughts on Final Fantasy XIII

    for me... FFXIII is nothing but crap... The game play was the worst in the series as far as I am concerned (even worse then FFVIII where you basically couldn't use magic because it was needed to make you stronger). The only redeeming quality is the story... I went through this entire game JUST for the story. (it was the hardest thing I have ever done as far as a game goes, playing a game I didn't like all the way to the end just for the story)
  12. try to tell some older people there is a difference between anime and cartoons XD. My father see's it all as kids shows >_>