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  1. The first movie was leagues above the others, although I could still never get sick of any of the movies, bring on the new one
  2. Family Guy sure does push all the boundaries, alot of the humor is the same throughout the last few seasons but I still don't mind it American Dad FTW
  3. I find it quite unnecessary most the time, the girls generally look so young it feels creepy
  4. I'm downloading the book of bantorra, I've heard good things so i'm going to give it a go
  5. I hope one day they show in depth everything itachi was capable of and went through in his life, his character is amazing
  6. I put off watching it because my first introduction was the English version and it kinda made me cringe a little, about a year later after keeping up with the manga a friend said to watch it in japanese with subtitles and I've never looked back, the story just keeps on amazing me with how it all ties in
  7. I recently completed Soul Eater, I thought it was really good up until the last episode and kinda just abruptly ended, all the characters were interesting and the story could have lasted a lot longer, I think I'll read the manga now to see which path that takes
  8. When a show loses its main character, it should end there, everything that happened made no sense
  9. I can't believe that they'd waste money on another one... would they
  10. I've just been rewatching the old seasons, so glad to hear there'll be more, I'm not sure how some people don't like this show
  11. I quite enjoyed it aswell, I didn't expect too much of it and even put off watching it a few times, one of the few movies where the comedy isn't crappy and cheesy
  12. Xbox 360, the controller is much more user friendly, the ps3 controllers are flimsy and small. Halo and Gears of War, nuff said
  13. I reckon I'll hold out until Assassins Creed 3, although I still haven't picked up Max Payne 3 yet
  14. I've been playing Batman Arkham City hunting down all the pesky riddles And just brought the Assassins Creed Revelations DLC
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