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  1. ∂яεαмεя Apollo ParasiteEve It was really hard to choose between Apollo's and ∂яεαмεя's but the blue won me over.
  2. I really like this one. The background is busy but not enough to really distract from the girl. And well, I like anything with teal or blues. I really see nothing to criticize other than what lemmingllama mentioned about the text on a few. They all look amazing!
  3. I kind of figured that's what it meant but just wanted to check. Thanks. The original image My submission: Theme: Maybe something dark? Dark themed anime or a dark color theme?
  4. I've never entered in a graphics contest before but I'm willing to try it out. Just to have another entry if you'd like. Not to mention it'd let me play around with Photoshop for something fun rather than school work all the time. Just had a quick question. I know it says not to use other people's artwork in the rules so I just want to get some clarification before I start anything. If I get a render from another website, say for this competition a render of one of the Chobits characters, I can use that right? Also, should I edit this post with my submission or make a new post?
  5. Hi GoddessLuna! It's nice to meet you. I think I saw your name on IRC in Kametsu's channel when I was reading my logs. I found Kametsu the same way. I was just looking for an anime forum to hang around. This is the only one I've ever really been comfortable posting at. The members and staff here are really nice and help any way they can. I like a lot of the anime you listed. The only one I haven't seen is Blood plus. I wasn't a huge fan of season 2 of Kuroshitsuji, but if it has Sebastian and Ciel I'll watch it. I really wish there was another season of Maid Sama!. But the manga works just as well I guess. I look forward to seeing you around the forum.
  6. I'm really looking forward to Tales of Xillia. I picked up Tales of Graces f soon after I got my PS3 a few months ago and really enjoyed it. When I finally got around to preordering Xillia, they were out of the collector's edition. I was a little upset, but all I really wanted was the soundtrack (not really work $100 just for that) so not a huge loss. Of course then a few days after I preordered they changed it so all preorders of the game alone get a limited edition which includes the soundtrack! Very happy about that. I am excited about Kingdom Hearts 1.5 hd remix as well. I never got around to playing them on PS2. When I finally got a PS3 I didn't really want to pay for the digital versions since I saw 1.5 was coming out later this year. I'll definitely check out Time and Eternity and Disgaea. Both look like anime style and look really interesting. I was mainly a computer gamer up until I started seeing all the exclusive games on PS3 that looked interesting so I'm a bit behind on all the series.
  7. My real name is Cassandra and it means she who entangles men or shining upon man depending on where you look. Or if you prefer urbandictionary's definition I am either the most amazing thing anyone has ever seen or the cutest, kindest, most perfect girl in the world (ha). Though I have to say it was interesting to read about how there was a Trojan princess in the Greek mythology with my name. My parents got the name from Little House on the Prairie though or at least my mom did. My mom loves the show.
  8. Wow, well don't I feel like a dork now. Completely missed that necro-posting line in the rules. Darn it. Have no idea how I missed that when I read them. My eyes must be playing tricks on me again. I think a subforum would work for the newsletter. I imagine that might be easier to read past issues and keep everything together. I mean you don't have to search too much in the forum it's in now but it would be kind of nice to just click on the Kametsu Informer subforum to find all the issues. Honestly I find the site very user friendly. I think the descriptions are fine length wise. I just glance over them whenever I want to know what a subforum is all about.
  9. Hi Yuki! Welcome to the forums. You can't add an avatar until you make 15 posts (if I remember correctly). I like Bleach and Vampire Knight as well, but I'm more of a Yuki/Kaname fan. I would love to see another season of Vampire Knight but doubt it will ever happen. I hope to see you around the forums. Feel free to ask any of the members questions. Everyone I've met on the forums are really open to answering any questions and they are always willing to help.
  10. I can understand getting tired of seeing the spam from people just posting to get their 15 posts. I imagine it does get pretty old seeing people come, post 15 posts, and then leave. I will say after looking over the different boards last night/early this morning I can see why there is concern about the community. When I joined last September there were a lot more active topics. Just curious, are there rules on posting to old topics here? I've come across a few topics I wanted to post to but they were three to four months old so I left them. I know some forums they have rules not to post on old topics and I didn't see anything about it in the rules (unless I missed it). I don't think you would have to necessarily plaster the newsletter all over the place. I would think in the chat box area like you talked about just simply putting a text link would be enough to it. Maybe have the IRC tutorials, Rules, Donation, newsletter article deadline and then a link to the current newsletter or something underneath it all just to draw some attention to it because it is really interesting to read. Again I've never dealt with running a forum so I don't know what that would take to do. It was just a suggestion and really now that I've seen it I know where to go now to find it. I will say I don't think any of you are doing anything wrong or doing anything that makes people leave. This topic alone really showed me how different the community is here compared to other forums I've been on. Everyone here really seems to care about the success and popularity of the forums whereas on other forum sites they just die away unfortunately. Honestly, it's because of some of the members in this topic, like you, that I came back. Unfortunately I wasn't around long enough to really get to know anyone, but it was just nice to finally have other people to talk about anime and Sims with that didn't find it silly.
  11. Laptop: WD 750 GB I also have a Seagate Momentus XT 750 GB from my previous laptop that is currently in an external enclosure Externals: 3 TB Seagate 2 TB Seagate 2 x 1 TB Seagates 3 TB WD MyBook Live Portable Externals: 2 TB WD My Passport 1.5 TB Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex (2 TB replaced this but I still use this one from time to time) 500GB Seagate GoFlex Satellite (wireless drive for tablet files) 500 GB WD My Passport (1.5 TB replaced this so this one just lies around) All together . . . wait for it . . . 16 TB. Pretty sure there's tons of space on practically every hard drive though. I seriously had no idea I had that much until I started writing them all down. I definitely do not use all the space. The 3 TB external is my main external which replaced the 2 TB and the 2 1 TBs I barely use. One of them is used for backing up my laptop from time to time so the most that gets used on the external is around 500 GB. The MyBook Live is mainly a backup as well but it's hooked up to the network so my family can use it and I can connect to it when I'm not home. It doesn't have much on it right now though because I haven't taken the time to transfer my files over yet. I really only have so many because I've gotten them at Christmas/Thanksgiving sales really cheap. I basically pick them up so I can back up one hard drive on another so if one dies I have a backup. Had a bad experience with an external back when I did video editing. Almost lost around 500GB of files so I'm a bit paranoid now. I do know I have a lot of laptop backups that I need to delete off multiple hard drives from when I was having my laptop worked on so ... On a day to day basis I use 2.75 TBs (the 750 in my laptop and the 2 TB passport). Definitely need to do some cleaning when I have some time.
  12. I'm always looking for anime recommendations and usually just look at MAL's user recommendations at the bottom of the anime page. Usually it is similar anime, for example I watched Sukitte Ii na yo (Say "I love you") and when I went to the MAL page it had recommendations for Kimi ni Todoke and Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun both of which were similar anime to the first. Only got around to watching a few episodes of each so far but they seem to be what I like. The website looks interesting. Thanks for posting this.
  13. I know this topic was created to talk about how to fix the forum but I thought maybe I could just give my two cents as a new/returning after a several month (without realizing it) hiatus member. I have been away from the forums for several months so I don’t know what all’s been going on in the community recently. I will admit I’m one of those that came to Kametsu for the downloads. I joined around August of last year and like Radical Ed the minimum 15 post requirement annoyed me a little but it got me to post in forums and get to know some of the people. I will say I honestly felt more welcomed here than any other forum I had ever joined. I didn’t feel that new users were picked on or made fun of when they asked questions. Past experiences with forums are what make me hesitant to post a lot of time and still does. Even typing this post I was a little concerned about posting since it had been over a week since the last post, I don’t know if my opinion will even really help out, and I might step on the toes of people with higher post counts, mod status, or people that have been here a lot longer and have been a lot more active than me and get in trouble. I do know that the members I talked with (Emotional Outlet and Koby are the ones I remember off the top of my head) they made me feel very welcome and answered any questions I had without making me feel like an idiot. While I understand some of the recommendations in this thread, while reading I did start to feel a little uncomfortable. I’m a lurker most of the time on forums. It’s never because of the community, it’s just something with me. I’ve had bad experiences on other forums and I’m a shy person so I don’t talk a lot unless it’s a topic I am really interested in. I have the feeling by the time I finish this post no one will believe I don’t talk a lot but it is the truth. But after being welcomed by members of the forum, I was willing to give this forum a try. I have definitely not posted as much as I would like and like I said I’ve been away from the forums for at least a few months. I can’t remember my last post but I imagine it was on the Sims board. Life unfortunately took over between college classes, my grandfather having some heart issues, and my father going through back and shoulder issues I just didn’t have as much time to get on here as I did when I first joined. One of the main things that make me a little uncomfortable is when reading this thread I almost feel like there is a line with the group of people here purely for posting on the forums on one side and then there is the group who come for the downloads on the other side. Especially when terms like ani-tard/leeching and terms like that get brought up. I used to be one of those leechers and I know none of these posts are written aimed at any one person but it makes me feel like because I don’t post as much as someone else but I do download or because I use IRC and really don’t talk in the chat room that it means I’m the reason there are issues in the community. And maybe I am. I can’t give any ideas on how to make people post more. I know for me I come here to read the threads to get anime recommendations or even game recommendations. I’ll post when I feel like I have something to add or I’ll like the post of someone who said something I agree with but otherwise I feel like if I just write one sentence responses or just write what someone else wrote agreeing with them than I’m not adding anything to the conversation. I know some of the recommendations from a few months ago mention getting rid of the download section. Honestly, the download section makes me come around more often just because I come in to download and happen to look through the forums and find something to post on. I come here for the community, the downloads, and for IRC because to be honest even though there are only a few people chatting in the IRC channel it is still more lively than some of the other channels I’ve been in. As far as what can make the forum better? I honestly don’t have a clue because like I said I haven’t been around for a while so I had no idea there were issues. It would be nice if there was a way to promote the newsletter more. I don’t know if that’s something new or if it’s been around for some time but I didn’t even know there was a newsletter until it was mentioned in here and I saw the topic under the last post info on the main page. I like the anime reviews in it and I know someone mentioned a YouTube channel in here back in April. I would definitely subscribe to the channel especially if it covered some of the reviews of the anime or the games from the newsletter. Yes, there are tons of people out there that already do review videos on YouTube but it would be nice to go to a Kametsu channel and be able to watch all the reviews no matter if it’s anime, movies, games, or whatever. It would probably appeal to some people because not everyone wants to read. I mean the reviews aren’t terribly long but still there might be some people that would rather watch the review. Koby pretty much covered all of that in his post back in April. And while I may not play the games that might be hosted I do like watching other people play. Then I don’t feel so stupid when I die in what everyone else considers easy fight or whatever. An idea I do have deals with donations. I haven’t donated in a while and donated today because Koby said they needed money for the server costs in IRC and on the main page. Would it be possible to have like a small area on the forum with a meter showing how much until donation goal is met? I know I’ve seen it on some forums so I have no idea what that might actually take or if it’s possible on this forum. I know it might seem like begging to some but I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing it so if I see the deadline day is coming up and the goal hasn’t been met I can try to see if I can move some things around to be able to donate more than usual. I of course could just do this any time but it might just motivate more people if they saw the goal wasn’t being met. Again, I have no idea what that would take to implement and I definitely don’t want to add tons of work to anyone just for that. I really hope I don’t upset anyone with my post because that’s truly not my intention and I hope it’s okay for me to post in here. I just thought I’d give a little insight into why I am here and why I came back and hope to be able to stay here longer than a few months this time. But I am finishing up my associate’s degree and the next seven weeks will be pretty stressful. But I fully intend to be more active once I finish my degree. Because honestly, I would hate to see this forum die. It is a great forum and there seems to be a lot of genuinely nice people here. Also, sorry for the book of a post. As I said, I am shy but when it's a topic I am interested in, I can write a book and probably tell you my life story without you even asking.
  14. I prefer TS3 as well. I do miss some of the things in Sims 2 but on my old laptop Sims 3 ran so much faster. I haven't tried it on my new laptop mainly because I haven't installed it. I remember going back to play Sims 2 and missing the designing features in Sims 3 not to mention the story progression (I think that is what it is called). With TS2 to get everything I wanted I had to use tons of custom content, which is why I think TS2 had such long load times on my old laptop. I will say the one thing about TS2 I miss is being able to put more lots in the neighborhoods/worlds. Aside from demolishing buildings, I haven’t really figured out ways to add more lots. I tried building a neighborhood but ended up not having the patience and started searching for custom neighborhoods that had tons of lots on them and all of the expansion lots placed. I probably will get TS4, which from what I have read was supposedly coming out in 2014 but have also heard that’s just a rumor. Back when TS3 first came out, I bought it just because a lot of the features seemed neat but when it first came out it seemed so plain compared to TS2. Once more expansion packs came out I eventually switched over because I found playing TS3 was easier, not to mention the designing/customizing. I can say out of all the expansions for TS3, I don’t really like World Adventure. I haven’t noticed any bugs but that’s probably because I played that portion of the game back when I first installed it and just wasn’t very impressed. Now when my Sim comes up with wants to travel I just clear them out. The same thing with the new worlds I bought, I haven’t noticed any bugs but of course have read about them. I probably just haven’t played in the new worlds and with certain features enough to get the bugs.
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