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  1. Hey Bro. How are you? :D

    1. DarkDream787


      Sorry, did not notice this question. Been pretty good. Just pretty busy as well.

    2. Harry-Potter


      No probs. Same here 😅

  2. Hey man. How are you? :D

  3. can u reupload no game no life please and thank you

    1. Harry-Potter


      Sure but Only if I'm able to find em' 

  4. Message from me, please read =)

  5. Hi Can You please Re-uploade Kung Fu Panda S2 Because All links are dead

    1. Harry-Potter


      I don't have my Mini Encodes. But I can get you the Source 720p WEB-DL from iT00NZ version

    2. Ziad Kutaish

      Ziad Kutaish

      Ok ; Thank You Very Much

      Can you please Uploade Them On Mega Or Google Drive

  6. Hey, man


    Do you have Bleach 130-190 Dattebayo subs? I'm been looking for them for a very long time..

    1. Harry-Potter
    2. SylentEcho


      I found it and I posted it in the Subbed section. :)

  7. Hi!


    By any chance, would you still have the CN broadcast of "Mincinno - Neat and Tidy"? Apparently the link is dead.

    1. Harry-Potter


      Will let you know If I'm able to find the source file. But just don't get your hopes up!

    2. ElementalCards
  8. I didn't mean chrome doesn't have HTML5 support. I just said Chrome isn't just a HTML5 only based browser. And guys if you are really facing issues, then you can just simply change the theme by scrolling down and then switching to any other theme you wish to use.
  9. Actually It's not the PC that can't handle these effects. It's just how your browser decodes them. Snow effect works flawlessly on Microsoft Edge. coz it uses HTML5. both chrome and opera has issues when they try to handle this event. It's working fine on both Safari and Microsoft Edge. Looks like Chrome and Opera has something to fix now
  10. Hello, good sir! I wanted to ask if you can re-upload your Gargoyles files on any hosting? That would be great! I tried to download 'em via torrent but there are no seeds, unfortunately :( Thx in advance!

  11. Hey, uhm could you please tell me where can I find rest of this: https://tusfiles.net/go/ik1etvaoc6r9/ (Bleach Episodes)? 

  12. Hey dude, can you encode Black Butler season 3, please? Well, I've found a BD rip source.



  13. Can you please re-upload Naruto 066. Thanks

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