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  1. looking for everything who was showed on the manga till right now, I have no doubt that if have a couple in bleach, it will be Ichigo and Rukia!
  2. I really want to see Unohana's bankai, it will be epic!!
  3. He's not useless!! but he is very poorly utilized :/
  4. I totally prefer sub, but I have nothing against the dub versions!!
  5. This movie was good, but I still prefer the first movie!
  6. FMAB was awesome! for me it's totally epic and probably the best anime that I've watched, but I think it's all about personal opinion, cuz some people could find it awesome and others not!
  7. Shirayuki

    Anime or Manga?

    I like both, I think one complement the other!
  8. Shirayuki


    WOW I love it!!
  9. I like her, however .. I don't think she is an interesting character at all!!
  10. Even if I'd love see it, I don't think she will achieve bankai!
  11. Shirayuki


    haha I just noticed it when someone showed me a picture so I rewatched the episode!! I like Senna, she should be a canon character!! :/
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