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  1. lucaslink2

    [NOMINATIONS] Anime of Fall 2017

    Food Wars Third Plate, Blend S a close second for me.
  2. I'm back  to the forums again, not sure for how long though, I have been without access to the internet for 57 days. Hurricane Maria passed through where I lived and It has been chaos for me here. 

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    2. IkarosBD


      I had almost wondered where you had been off at, nobody was liking or replying to my more recent LostYears release posts :(


      But regardless I'm glad to hear at least you're safe. This past hurricane season has been rough on many. Harvey, Irma, Maria...all major hurricanes at landfall, and all equally devastating.


      You have my continued prayers that you'll get back up on your feet again and be liking my release posts once more :P

    3. lucaslink2


      Many thanks, I'll check your post as soon as I can and give you those likes!!!

    4. IkarosBD


      Hahahaha NICE, I get 11 notifications all at once.


      In any case, keep positive, stay safe, and of course, keep looking forward to what we might have in store later for ya!

  3. lucaslink2

    Will they ever release more episodes for fairy tail?

    I thought everyone knew since FT is so mainstream
  4. lucaslink2

    [Voting] Anime of Spring 2017

    Tsugumomo was definitely one of those guilty pleasure anime, but I nonetheless enjoyed it quite thoroughly
  5. lucaslink2

    [Voting] Anime of Spring 2017

    There where shows that didn't get nominated that I personally enjoyed like Tsugumomo and Clockwork Planet, I gave my vote to My Hero Academia S2 because attack on titan was a favorite to win and it was the first "superhero show" I enjoyed in my life. I found too that Little Witch Academia was severely lacking in comparison to the movie, I watch out of obligation. Rage of Bahamut Virgin Soul took a turn I didn't expect from the original. Making a villain, one of the protagonist, ignoring for basically the entire season one of the previous protagonists and introducing a storyline barely related to the last one but damn if it wasn't entertaining as all hell. They even made the opening with a more catching theme than the last one. I got it stuck on my head since I first heard it. Re:CREATORS was really interesting in a way, that was the first time I saw an anime with a plot like that, maybe that is why I enjoyed it that much. WorldEnd failed to get me too.
  6. lucaslink2

    [Voting] Anime of Spring 2017

    I liked so many this season, AoT S2, MHA S2, Eromanga sensei, RoB VS and Re:creators. Decisions, decisions...
  7. lucaslink2

    Deleted account

    no Same email for the last 5 years or so
  8. lucaslink2

    Deleted account

    No, but it doesn't matter now, i already have another account so...
  9. lucaslink2

    Deleted account

    Yes it is me but I can't seem to log in no matter how much i try
  10. lucaslink2

    paid subscriptions

    Ok, and if it is the same amount old subscription status gave you before the site update then I have no problem with it if it is a reasonable time
  11. lucaslink2

    Deleted account

    sorry forgot to put the name luvaslink2
  12. lucaslink2

    paid subscriptions

    would that let me download and how much time does it last [donator status]
  13. lucaslink2

    Deleted account

    About 2 years ago
  14. lucaslink2

    Deleted account

    I had another account and i think it was deleted? the reason why i did this one
  15. lucaslink2

    profile overview ?

    thanks for that bit of info