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  1. Saber778

    IRC newbie help...

    i just tried a random file from flowerpot and it works but bill... is still a no go...
  2. Saber778

    IRC newbie help...

    its all the files from that particular bot but like i said other bots are working fine e.g Agumon works fine but Bill|Clinton doesnt Edit: yeah i followed it step by step...
  3. Saber778

    IRC newbie help...

    Im using Mirc and other bots I can get files fine its just the Bill|Clinton bot that once I request a file it says connection failed....
  4. Saber778

    IRC newbie help...

    hi im kind of a IRC newbie and try not to use it when i dont have to because it just kind of makes my head hurt lol but i use it when i really have no other choice so i needed to use it but im getting this error for the Bill|Clinton Bot saying connection failed and i cannot connect at all but i am able to connect to any of the other bots with no problem so my question what am i doing wrong??? Thanks in advance... Regards Saber
  5. Saber778

    What anime is this???

  6. Saber778

    What anime is this???

    can anyone help me find out what anime this is??? http://gingatetsudou999.tumblr.com/post/80287513816 any help will be most appreciated
  7. Saber778

    IRC problem...

    lol seems scientific... i like oh ok but was like wait a min... that doesnt seem right :/ oh guess i could try that... but thats kind inconvenient sitting in a closet for 5 hours lol if i anyone cant help me guess im gonna have to try it your way
  8. Saber778

    IRC problem...

    this is my first time using irc so if its a noob question just bare with me so im trying to download [Kametsu] Grave of the Fireflies v2 [blu-Ray][720p][187A05F9].mkv with this command /msg Bulbasaur xdcc send #3024 everything was going good until the download failed and stopped halfway first at 45 % then i tried to resume download but it said DCC RECV '[Kametsu] Grave of the Fireflies v2 [blu-Ray][720p][187A05F9].mkv' from Bulbasaur failed (Remote host closed socket) -Bulbasaur- ** Closing Connection: Unable to transfer data (Invalid argument) i tried it again from the start and this time it got to 50% but then the same problem came up am i doing something wrong?? im using hexchat 2.9.5 on windows 7 any help someone can give would be appreciated
  9. Saber778

    what is this?

    thanks might check them out
  10. Saber778

    what is this?

    hey can anyone tell me what the title of these two anime series are??? they look pretty funny... thanks in advance AND
  11. Saber778

    Can anyone tell me what anime this is??? (Pic)

    lol thanks watching it as i speak...
  12. Can anyone tell me what anime this is???
  13. dragonout, vandread and freezing (might be up your alley its just come out in dub form)... hope that helped
  14. Saber778

    What game will you be getting next?

    thinking of picking up mass effect 3 soon...
  15. Saber778

    Games that should be made into animes or the reverse

    a dynasty warriour game would work nicely as a anime since sengoku worked out quite well...