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  1. Apparently wherever the image was hosted went down so, thought I would give this an update.
  2. I am using MPC-HC now and it is running just fine, Thanks both of you for your help.
  3. okay thank you for the quick replay, i normally use VLC player is that why you recommended MPC-HC?
  4. Hello I was thinking because i build this PC there would be no more problems, but it seems i was wrong i only noticed the problem when i upgraded to my new graphics card from the old one that died, but it only happens from time to time but recently it has been becoming more frequent, the audio just jutters out for a second and then comes back and repeated though-out anything i watch. can you help me please? Kind Regards Thomas H
  5. Ok, have to do this: You have a great Avatar and sig. Big fan of that Anime. Holo FTW.

  6. no errors found passed ram test what should i do with the firmware updated sounding like an idort here
  7. Thanks for your answers i do have a OCZ ssd but i will run the memory test to see what happens ill put the results up a bit later
  8. I was to be able to watch videos play a game do multiply things at the same time now for some reason my computer seams to drag not even doing simple tasks like opening a web browser and coming up with the blue screen saying physical memory dump and then restarting i dont understand why this is happening please help me if this is a problem. also my dvd drive keeps disappearing while in BIOS and windows computer specs amd fx bulldozer 6100 OC to 3900 mhz set it to turbo mode 64 gb primary SSD 2tb HDD 16gb DDR3 of 1833mhz corsair vengeance Graphics card: Nvidia gtx 430
  9. spice and wolf and full metal alchemist brotherhood
  10. no it came like it paste already applied and my rooms kinda cold most of the time but I think I said that I have seven case fans and a ram cooler but all are sucking air in so should I try turning them around? to increase the air flow
  11. if your american it will cost you 25 dollars to upgrade that in its self should scream warning bells and its compatibly with programs is non existent but that's why I am not upgrading apart from its made for tablets in my opinion
  12. yes my computer is in a corner and its constantly adjusting its frequency and voltage levels but it just gets hotter and hotter I used to host a server but I cant because it causes my pc to lag spike all the time I have just realised my air flow from all my fans is inward might try and turn a couple around
  13. I may be an not very experienced with computers when it comes to system problems but I do know how to find an heatsink correctly idle if I can remember correctly was about 40 when using my CPU it can reach up to 80C that is when I turn it off. i have alarms set to go off when it hits 60C so then I know to start shutting down
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