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  1. Pokemon was, is and always will be part of who I am >:3 Gotta Catch 'em all (hehe, they said that when there was only 151 pokemon. And now... xD)
  2. I'm still interested to hear peoples thoughts, no matter what :3
  3. If you had a Persona, what would it be called and what would it look like? Also, what powers would it have? (Nothing cheap if you can help it)
  4. HeavenVector18


    I really liked this anime. I thought the fillers were a bit much, but the main plotline was (and still is) pretty good. Oh, and if it ends, Ichigo and Orihime HAVE to hook up!
  5. Only at the boring points Other than that I'm curled up in a little ball watching intently
  6. Kingdom Hearts: Re Chain of Memories Persona 3 Portable Kid Icarus: Uprising
  7. If I found a Death Note, I would kill only murderers. Maybe terrorists. Oh, and the school bully xD
  8. What would you say is the most insulting/humiliating thing that can happen or has happened to you in a game?
  9. For Bankai that haven't been released yet, what do you think they'd be and why?
  10. Kingdom Hearts Which branched to Dissidia. Then I've played every main game since
  11. If he had a bankai (which I reckon he would bring out through forcing out all of his spiritual pressure) it would be some sort of humungous axe-sword and it would find any kind of fear inside you and draw it out. Depending on how brave you are will depend on how quickly/slowly you will fear him, but no matter what you would eventually. E.g. After release, it would take Aizen about an hour to fear him. After release it would take Keigo a second to fear him (not that he'd have to release it anyway xD ).
  12. I think that after Aizen's defeat, all lieutenants were required to learn/train with Bankai. Therefore, I reckon she has :3
  13. KHIIFM. Especially how you could fight Org. members again. Also, the way they put Terra in. He's such an awesome character
  14. Guard Armour. Coz that way I can change into Opposite Armour if I wanted >:3 Also, it was one of the hardest boss fights of my childhood... what? I was 7, ok? My thumbs weren't dextrous enough xD
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