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  1. TopGunman


    Hey guys. I'm new here, well, actually I've registered a long time ago but this is the first time I become active. I hope to enjoy this site as much as possible. On another note, I'm a HUGE Gundam fan, I love almost everything Gundam related. If you wanna talk Gundam, I'm all ears but so long as you don't throw a hissy fit over what Gundam series I liked including AGE and SEED Destiny. Same goes for ones I dislike such as G and Build Fighters.
  2. TopGunman

    Winter 2011-2012 Anime Season

    Enjoying Area no Kishi and Another
  3. TopGunman

    Gundam AGE

    Ya know, all the complaints about this series were mostly based on rumours. In fact, as someone who like Wing and X the most, I think this is better than 00 and is on par with SEED. And certainly better than G Gundam.
  4. TopGunman


    Naruto and Hinata FTW BABY!!
  5. TopGunman

    anime movies

    They can hardly make good movies based on American works, there's no way Hollywood can make foreign stuff good.
  6. TopGunman

    Do you ever fall asleep to anime?

    Depends on the show, I slept through Armored Trooper Votoms, that show is soooooooo slow!
  7. Looking at it, it looks much better than Dragon Ball Z Kai. It's sad knowing the AMERICAN remastering treatment is better than at home. Kai still has unsteady footage and frames unfixed.
  8. TopGunman

    Black Lagoon - Anime Discussion

    Anyone know when Roberta's Bloodtrail will get a dub?
  9. TopGunman

    Highschool DxD

    Loving the series, I don't know why fangirls complain about the amount of fanservice, it's not a show for girls to begin with.
  10. TopGunman

    Films you want to see!

    A Transformers reboot would be satisfactory, and Michael Bay, Spielberg, Megan Fox-a-lot, and Shia Lebouf be off the project.
  11. TopGunman

    The Big Bang Theory (TV Series)

    I wish the series would reference anime more.
  12. I didn't have to 'realize' because I've been watching anime all my life more than cartoons. And truthfully, I liked very few cartoons because most of them looked bad....that's all you think about when you're a kid.
  13. TopGunman

    Naruto can be a little better????

    I'm tired of countless flashbacks in the manga especially with all the lame characters Kishimoto keeps adding. Let's get back to the main arc because it's just dragging on for way too long.
  14. TopGunman

    Will Tsunade ever die?

    She doesn't have to die for him to be Hokage. She just has to step down at the very least like the 3rd did, who then eventually resumed after the 4th died.
  15. TopGunman


    Rukia and Ichigo ftw. I dnt think the others really matter as much. But so far I've only seent he first arc.