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  1. jayboy

    Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z [Xbox360/PS3]

    Once I read long time developer Spike was gone, that alone got me interested in this title! Imagine the possibilities, 1v4 2v2 (of course only if it's confirmed we can change the number of teamates we can have) Keeping an eye on this title 4 sure! The only negative for me is the character models (they look straight outta Budokai 3 for the old PS2) besides that little gripe all else sems to be looking up and cannot wait for a possible 2nd trailer at the Japan expo soon.
  2. jayboy

    Have you taken a break from anime?

    Recently coming off a 3 month break from anime it's wasn't so bad because I had games to keep my mind occupied but once I got my computer came back from the shop I went crazy downloading and my dormant addiction took over. I don't remember the last time I went to sleep
  3. jayboy

    Microsoft confirms 'pre-owned fee' for Xbox One

    I'll be staying far away from the xbox one. The "must be connected to the internet" to play my games is a huge turn off. I hope Sony won't do the same thing...my gawd!
  4. jayboy

    Where Do You Purchase Your Video Games?

    It's walmart because the people at my gamestop always have snotty attitudes like they hate they're job or something. also because the games at the wal-mart well atleast the wal mart where i live are much cheaper.
  5. jayboy

    Broly the legendary super saiyan VS The HULK

    This isn't even a fight =/
  6. jayboy

    When you download Anime?

    Most shows under 1080p look horrendous on my monitor, so I try to DL the highest quality available.
  7. jayboy

    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: Over-rated?

    It's worthy of all the praise. I actually think it's underated.
  8. Sounds promising! More Dragon ball is always good news.
  9. jayboy

    Is It So Wrong? And Who Thinks This Way?

    LOL same here, there is nothing to be ashamed about
  10. jayboy

    Avatar: The Last Airbender

    Great series however I'm liking Teh Legend of Korra better.
  11. jayboy

    Most Bad-Ass Anime Character

    Jaken from Inuyasha....nuff said.
  12. jayboy

    DBZ Budokai or Tenkachi? Game Which is better?

    Budokai 3 was the last one I enjoyed. The Tenkaichi games were way to shallow and awkward. The games have gotten worse each year =/ Btw has anyone seen the preview for Dragonball Kinect? What are these fools thinking?
  13. jayboy

    Your least favorite Genre of Anime to watch?

    I hate Mecha anime with a fiery passion
  14. jayboy

    Overratted Final Fantasy Game

    Everyone knows it's V11