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  1. JE9

    Scariest Game

    Dead Space got mee alot. i'm really desensitized, tho. but survival horror iz my favorite genre. the Silent Hill games are my favorite games, period
  2. the N64 iz in the closet with a SNES, NES, and PS1. i have my PS2, PS3 and Wii hooked up to the TV and i have a DS Lite and 3DS my PS3 iz the most spoiled
  3. Dead Nation. needa beat the game on the harder difficulties and fine mee a co op buddy and it'll b another platinum in the bag
  4. played tons of Goldeneye way back when. and now that he Wii game iz going to b on the PS3, i'm a tad stoked about it. i haven't played the Wii game, yet. so i really donno what to expect when it comes to the Move
  5. oh man, don't get mee started, heh. picked up Deus Ex: Human Revolution this morning. have Dead Island paid off in pre order right now. ganna pick up the ICO/Shadow of the Colossus collection when it comes out, not really worth pre ordering since no bonus. gotta pay off Rage next. thats what on my immediate list right now. tons of games are coming out on my birthday this year :S
  6. PS3 iz my most spoiled. but i also have a Wii, a DS Lite, a 3DS, a PSP, and a PS2
  7. i'v always though Metal Gear would. but know some directors, they would stray for the whole story and ruin it :S
  8. JE9


    i like it, i'm just not much one for PC gaming, and probably will never buy it :S
  9. JE9


    i'v played short time with a friend. so wrapped up in other games. donno when i'll really sit down with it. probably not till like the second comes out :S
  10. Dead Nation and the Sly Collection. i'm in the middle of the 3rd Sly game
  11. Dead Rising 2. there iz not official soundtrack. i had to make my own. but the game has some awesome music donno y there wasn't one
  12. well tomorrow the Playstation store iz having its Tuesday update, and the first episode of the Back to the Future game iz coming out. its been on the PC for about a month, i think. Telltale r the developers and as some may know they have an awesome way of releasing games. tomorrow u can buy the whole season of Back to the Future and u'll get the first episode, for $20. the second episode will come out some time next month, the third a month after that, and so on. i'm looking forward to it mee and my boyfriend just watched all 3 movies. the game takes place 6 months after the third movie. i can't wait any longer. i'v known about the game for about 4 or more months. i love Telltale games. they'r funny and enjoyable. my boyfriend just told mee, too, that they r going to have a Jurassic Park season. heh, they keep pumping it out.
  13. JE9

    Plants vs. Zombies

    PSN iz the Playstation Network. it came out on the PS3
  14. i don't like Bleach. i watched the first 4 episodes on TV and i didn't get it. then over time i just really started to not like it. i think its cuz i don't know the story or the character and its long
  15. i don't have much saved. i have all of Beck, all of Death Note, some Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and a tiny bit of Digimon Adventure. i wanna start getting Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist to show my boyfriend
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