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  1. Welcome Back You Sexy Thing.
  2. Well i would not be surprised if demonoid etc move there servers again and someone re starts it up. They cannot shut them all down until a law is passed or you can track ip's and you can't host links etc.
  3. What a waste of my time. Statistics are false anyway, so they pulled '90%' out of thin air.
  4. Well i don't like advertisers, so naturally i don't like you. Prove yourself by posting here and following rules then we'll see what happens next.
  5. Hypnotiq


    Welcome Welcome. We do still live , just out and about these days. Good to see your back ad take are of yourself.
  6. Hypnotiq

    FFIX: Necron

    Not sure what image you are trying to view. I can't see any link in this topic.
  7. Maybe a directx9 version for the consoles in the future.
  8. Yeah i mean to get te best enjoyment out of it, you need a powerful expensive card. Play it on Delta diffuculty, the enemies talk in Korean so you don't know what they are saying/thinking. On all other difficulties they speak in english. Adds to the enviroment and challenges you heavily. Then again it is nothing compared to Far-Cry's hardest difficulty.
  9. Of course Halo beats it since it is a franchise which has extended over 5 years (estimating). Halo is the most over-hyped, over-rated game and most people agree with that statement. They agree it is good, but it isn't the best fps ever made which is what fanboys constantly say. Crysis on the other hand, is the first game to utilist direct x10, so for all pc gamers out there. This is a sign of future games to come next year. Crysis can be played in directx9 as will a lot of other games in the future. So go upgrade your computers if you want to get the best experience out of the new games coming out in the next few years.
  10. If you have a fast net = they will download crysis since it is 6-7gb to get. Most people will buy it after downloading it anyway since they want it to be more 'official' that they own it in its original form. You can get any game on the internet. Wii, Xbox 360, PSP and DS games are all available too, so crysis was never safe. Add Call Of Duty 4 and Bioshock to other great games pre-released. The only funny thing i think out of all this are people wasting money (maybe $700-$1000) on a new gfx card like they have never seen this type of game before.
  11. Hypnotiq

    FFIX: Necron

    Necron is the true form of the Lifa Tree. When Kuja uses the ultima spell on your party, you lose consciousness and wake up in a new place. This would mean you died (or some sort of magical spell.) and came face to face with Necron in some sort of Spirit world. When you killed Necron, you destroyed the Lifa Tree straight after and finished the game. This is a theory that has not been proven.
  12. Mario - Do Right Chris Brown - With You Chris Brown - Take You Down
  13. Or just technology these days is progressing to a stage where we don't challenge our brains enough. 5-10 years ago we had to do most things manually, now a electronic tool can do all the work at the click of a button.
  14. There is a new rule in place where you cannot hit your kids as discipline, im pretty sure it is implemented over here. Of course it still happens, but it is rare in public places where they are hit in the head/ass. Those times are over. If you think this is bad, then you need to look at other incidents. Like at a LAN cafe, a player got killed by another dood in the cafe in Counter Strike. So the dood goes up to him and stabs him and kills him. Then add neglect and dehydration as other causes of death from playing to much World Of Warcraft.
  15. Persona 3 is an excellent game, the whole gun thing is about the game producer making a statement about suicide. He has that wacky way of conveying a point. I am playing Soul Nomad and Dead Rising.
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