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  1. solidsnake916

    Help? (Tad frustrated)

    omg i forgot about claymore even though it was one of my favorites lol, i to recommend this, you will love it.
  2. solidsnake916

    Help? (Tad frustrated)

    names not moppet, its SolidSnake916. but yeah if anything else comes to mind ill suggest it, tell me how you like the ones i pointed out.
  3. solidsnake916

    Eureka Seven AO

    i cant say for sure but i hope this series is better then the original because it was not as good as i wanted it to be.
  4. Muv-Luv Alternative - Total Eclipse Episode 03, series is still look good, i recommend seasonal fans to pick it up and watch it. Episode 1 was so good.
  5. solidsnake916

    Favorite Anime Character Who Shouldn't Have Died

    Tons of People from Berserk, it still angers me to watch that anime unaware of the ending that awaited me lol.
  6. solidsnake916

    Help? (Tad frustrated)

    Have you tried using the two best sites to find what you want. AniDB - http://anidb.net/ (Use Tags/Categories to search for things you like) MyAnimeList - http://myanimelist.net/ (Much harder to search for things, similar animes or genres) Recommendation List For You from what you listed. AniDB Links provided for ease, and to look at tags, gather information and hunt for the anime you want. Shikabane Hime (Corpse Princess) - Season 1: a6036 | Season 2: a6227 Kite - a314 | Kite Liberator - a5182 Mezzo Forte - a214 | Mezzo - a998 Blue Gender - a416 (Don't Be Fooled, The Main Character is only whiny at first) Seirei no Moribito (Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit) - a4403 Thats all i got for you, from the list you provided, it seems you enjoy just heavy duty killing lol.
  7. They really should remake FFVII, it would financially skyrocket Square Enix when all the fanboys/girls buy the game. There is HD Collections coming out all the time now for game series, it makes me alittle angry when they only redo half the series, like the Silent Hill HD Collection didn't even include Silent Hill 1 the best one...same with Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, didn't include MGS1, the ps1 games never get redone, they just redo the ps2 versions. That really pisses me off. For the people who said don't remake it, tell that to all game companies and movie companies who remake movies and games.
  8. solidsnake916

    Games that should be made into animes or the reverse

    Valkyrie Profile (GAME) -> ANIME [Norse Mythology, and Sexy Valkyries, why wouldn't it be an anime] Metal Gear Solid (GAME) -> ANIME [The Plot, the characters, hell yes, make this an anime now] Suikoden (GAME) -> ANIME [The storyline is good, 108+ characters might be over kill to successfully pull this off, but hell i've seen worse] Parasite Eve (GAME) -> ANIME [Aya Brea, enough said] I left out others because i could be at this all day
  9. solidsnake916

    Steam Summer Sale!

    looks like everyone will be hurting after they spend tons of cash on these DEALS. cant beat 5 dollar games though ya know!
  10. solidsnake916

    The Avengers (2012)

    I love Norse Mythology, which made me watch Thor, Avengers, and the rest of the marvel movies because why not, superhero movies. Anyways Avengers was full of cliche, and was too much on the good guys side the entire movie. It could had been darker for sure. anyways good movie none the less. Too bad The marvel take on Norse Myth isnt like Valkyrie Profile or Real Norse Myth.
  11. There will probably be a dub for the sole reason Fate Stay/Night had one, and it was better than Fate Stay/Night.
  12. solidsnake916

    Favorite Anime Military Character

    Iku Kasahara from Toshokan Senso (Library Wars) Alex Row from Last Exile
  13. solidsnake916

    Favorite Anime

    Blue Gender
  14. solidsnake916

    Favorite Number

    Favorite Number is 6, when it is flipped it is 9, hence why its in my name with a 1 as a divider. My number is 6 in Hockey as well.
  15. solidsnake916

    Most Bad-Ass Anime Character

    Alucard from Hellsing Series, The english dubbed version is amazing compared to most dubs as well. Crispin Freeman did a very good job dubbing it.