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    Psycho-Pass Anime Gets 3rd Season

    I am cautiously excited for more Psycho-pass content. The first season is great as-is and it ended very well, with the second season and movie feeling very much like they were in the shadow of the intrigue of the first season (I should have listened when everyone and their mother said to only watch the first season, before impulse purchasing the 2 seasons and the movie on blu-ray). I understand they don't want to shoot the horse that just keeps on trucking, but seeing Akane almost destroy this damn AI and always falter just makes me wanna dive in and do the job she just can't finish.
  2. tvalien


    Nice to see ya here! I get a lot of ideas as to what's going on around the anime-sphere here.
  3. tvalien

    A Riverside With No Name

    I'm glad someone knows of Angel Cop! Awesome show
  4. Finally gave Lovely Complex a chance. Enjoying every second of it!

    1. Apollo


      I fucking LOVE Lovely Complex!!!

  5. Finally watched Castle of Cagliostro on an old VHS tape. It was alright for what it was.

    1. lemmingllama


      Its a pretty good movie, especially since it isn't Miyazaki's characters and it was his debut.

  6. Blue Exorcist is pretty alright as of episode 4. Reserving judgement

  7. Finally gonna watch Hanasaku Iroha like my friend wanted and so far I like the main character's outlook on life, if not necessarily the people around her.

  8. Anime: Another Reaction:...Amazing

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    2. atreyuavenged


      My sentiments as well.

    3. lemmingllama


      It was good, but the ending was terrible. The mystery is virtually impossible to solve...

    4. tvalien


      I agree with that I could only see the ending as they revealed it and even then it wasn't very easy to figure out till he...did the deed.

  9. Finished Vampire Knight Guilty...Zero FTW

  10. Watchin' Heaven's Memo Pad

    1. Kenzou


      It's a good anime you will like it.

    2. tvalien


      It was alright...

  11. I like it. What's wrong with escapism for entertainment's sake?
  12. tvalien

    Anime or Manga?

    Anime always, because manga feels like storyboards to me. Not the finished product.
  13. tvalien

    Battle Angel Alita

    It was one of the first anime I had ever watched and it would be great to see a live-action version!
  14. tvalien

    Is "Lucky star" any good?

    If you expect any engaging story, then turn away. But it's basically like a sitcom, it's just plain fun and even a little nostalgic. There's also some nice subliminal undertones that give it a kinda spice for when you were just about to think this was an innocent series. XD
  15. tvalien

    Do you forget the names of characters?

    I have bad memory so the same is true for me. But the names mean less to me compared to the character's design and depth. If a character was good enough that I remembered them then they deserve a spot in the dying genre called "complex personality"
  16. If all the exposition done in the middle of battles was instead done in a more intelligent matter outside of battle or rather with less words and more imagery, I would be happier. There is nothing worse than an awesome battle...and then the bad guy laughs and explains how he did what he did and not JUST KICKING THE CRAP out of a perfectly downed protagonist. When this happens the threat of the antagonist kinda seems corny and we all know the protagonist usually survives to comeback with a ace up their sleeve ONLY because the antagonist let their guard down. When the protagonist is actually beat to within an inch of his/her life, the impact of the battle takes on a more dramatic meaning. You actually feel for the character. The most memorable battles are the ones that have very little to no dialogue.
  17. tvalien

    Gurren Lagann Ep 06

    Bow Chicka Bow Wow?
  18. I agree with other posters about the lack of a true ending, but sometimes (in the case of Soul Eater), it's not that it was a 'bad' ending, it just became another "oh, this is just the beginning...there will be another threat, and we'll be there" (and so the cycle begins anew) blah blah blah moral lesson blah blah blah *cue dramatic music* curtain call.
  19. tvalien

    favorite english voice actor

    Richard Epcar Crispin Freeman
  20. tvalien

    Anime You've Recently Completed?

    Just finished Kaze no Stigma...it was... pretty alright. It had a very so-so Eng dub so I recommend the Jap dub even though I'm not a fan of reading while watching something. The story was good, but forgettable. It's characters were the same. It has room to grow if they so wished to cultivate it, but I don't think they will go beyond 24 episodes. The dub comment might just be because I'm tired of the same actors over and over again in different series. I start losing sense of the individuality of the characters and start getting distracted when I remember all the other animes I heard a particular actor in.
  21. tvalien

    Durarara!! Season 2

    I want more CELTY!!!
  22. tvalien

    sad deaths?

    Ushio in Clannad was the tipping point for me and then they ruined it by giving him back Nagisa AND Ushio. Personally Nagisa staying dead was fine by me. Kamina in Gurren Lagann was the end of the fun of the show for me. Simon just didn't have what Kamina had.
  23. tvalien

    Dance in the Vampire

    Even though it changed key points and characters in the manga story, I think it had great and appreciable changes that deserve a second season. It almost feels like Halo 2 again.
  24. My Uncle had a whole load of VHS tapes of dubbed and subbed anime. I watched Akira at a young age and was really freaked out. Then I watched it again about 10 years later and I was hooked to the power of imagery and ideas that was anime. No American animation was able to really get past censoring and was dumbed down in its impact at the time. Anime allowed me to have solid drama and action in a moving art form ^L^