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  1. Batman Movies are always good to me anywayz lol
  2. Was the best show on TV till Charlie Sheen got fired -.-
  3. The First Dragon ball Live action movie was garbage so i dont think thell be a second lol
  4. great Movie to me saw it twice xD
  5. Megaupload was the best to me but sadly they shut it down and these new file host take at least and hour to download a file for free users
  6. waiting 5-10 min is way too long between post and that would make it take so long to get 15 post just to go to the download section most ppl would prob just give up on the site
  7. Lol in that episode he takes his mask off to eat ramen but they dont show it but the girl infront of him blushed Rofl
  8. I like naruto over Sasuke and i did think its funny how naruto stole his first kiss Lol....
  9. Yea but piratebay doesnt have as much anime as megaupload did on it
  10. MyAnimelist.net is wat i always use to figure out if an anime has been dubbed or not anime-planet.com is pretty good too
  11. I miss megaupload i wish there was a way to download from there link but u cant download form a file hosting link if the site been shut down -.-
  12. RS to me sux maybe cause iama free user but still DL speed is always like 1 hour for a file thats only like 200mb ... for me -.-
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