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  1. Sorry finding this forum a little difficult to navigate
  2. the story lines also the ability to go out side of the real world, without the huge budget trying to do real stuff with real actores would take could u think of something like eureka seven being acted with real actors and places wouldnt work that well :/ and cost a lot
  3. Dsstriker


    i actrouly like this game, though i find the movement managment to this game to be a little slugish and unresponsive, though im used to call of duty and battlefeild games is that just a usual with it or is it just me? iv got killzone one for my ps2 and was considuring getting the second and 3rd on my gfs ps3 but the controls kinda put me off the game, is the controls fixed in the others or is it the same?
  4. they put to much drama crap into it with sasukay :/ was just a hole bunch of side filling crap to me
  5. you only play as sara and noel, and use the monsters as your 3rd character, its not as good as the first one but still good ending is a little bit of a confusion says to be continued
  6. final fanstasy 1 (: loved the open world and caracter training and just the confusion it gave trying to find what i had to do xD always a challenge
  7. haha that sounds good loved the movies he was in
  8. Didn't really like it, did listen to anything past 1min lol. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qv-Nn535K9Y question how i put the video direct, it just goes white using the youtube thing.
  9. not sure about the books, cause books are usually a lot more enjoyable than the movies but the movie wasnt anything special though its all up to what you think about stuff. id sat spend a little get the first one and see how you go
  10. it really depends, i like him more than others cause he sings about his life that a lot of people can relate to in ways, instead of shit like others thats about banging girls or making money killing and such
  11. honestly dont like the heavy stuff, though i love the bands like A day to remember, escape the fate, parkway bmth and all that remains and others
  12. Final Fantasy 1-2 (Comp emulator rom) Final Fantasy 1,2,3 (on my iphone) Final Fantasy 3 (Comp emulator rom) Final Fantasy 4 (Comp emulator rom) Final Fantasy 5 (Comp emulator rom) Final Fantasy 6 (Comp emulator rom) Final Fantasy 7 (ps3) Final Fantasy 8 (ps2/Ps3) Final Fantasy 9 (ps2) Final Fantasy 10 (ps2) Final Fantasy 10-2 (ps2) Final Fantasy 12 (Ps2) Final Fantasy 13 (xbox 360) Final Fantasy 13-2 (xbox 360) Im a final fantasy adict i think 6 would be the best love the story and the way they let the bad guys win at one part then you turn around n kills em
  13. Use something like Piratebay, in my opinion its better than megaupload. and almost possible to download a lot faster.
  14. Hey I'm 20, n 21 in 2 days .Iv been a fan of anime and gaming for a while now, though work sort of has lost a lot of spare time to play and watch the stuff i enjoy as well as my girlfriend. though lately Iv been making time to get back into it, so if anyone's able to any advice on any good shows to watch would be good (: iv watched quite a lot I'm into Stuff like Eureka seven, Full metal Alchemist that has to be one of my Favorite because of the action and sorrow so to say but also the struggle just a all round good story line. If you could provide with any tips like that id like it i also like a little roman but nothing that's just romance and stuff just romance like Eureka seven love my action. Used to be a big Runescape player, still have my accounts but quit after boting got ruined, only played to pk and well that's hard without money and money making is a bore as well as the lack of time that i have to do it. i mainly stick to my Consoles now and games like call of duty. How did you find Kametsu? Internet was looking to get back into some forums. Whats your top 5 Anime? Full Metal Alchemist also brotherhood, id say brotherhood was the best. Full Metal Panic. Eureka Seven. Death Note, was Exiting change to the usual stuff. Hitman Rebourn. What your top 5 Video Games? Final Fantasy All series. Call of Duty. Gears of War. warhammer. mass effect. What are some of your hobbies? Just relaxing really, playing games watching shit, enjoy my footy Do you do graphics? If so what graphic programs do you have? iv done a few things like sigs and stuff, though i haven't done anything in a while and used photoshop cs. nothing to expirenced. Do you have any questions? just some of the stuff i asked above.
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