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  1. At last I've finished college, racked up student debt and got a job... I feel empty.

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    2. Xanders


      @LelouchVBritannia nothing colorful about there besides chasing deadlines, assignments, projects and insubordinate pals. I don't blame them for not being interested in coding, it's behind me now.

      @Koby Thanks, so this is how adults are like. *cries in the corner*

    3. (Kirito)


      If your college days weren't good, I hope it becomes better (if not colourful) from now onwards.


      Congrats on getting a job.


      Live your life to the fullest.


      *me cries in the corner hoping same for myself*(Cos I'm still in 1st year of not so good yet not so bad college life) 😅.

    4. Xanders


      @(Kirito) Thanks, I try too. At least I could game and watch anime when I come back home to wind down from work drama.


      Don't worry just face it head on and do your best in college and wish you the best, you'll probably laugh about it in the future.

      Now that I'm out of college I can actually behave as a friend/human being to my friends rather than chasing them for work deadlines, we don't argue anymore 😁.


      Edit: Tried to avoid summoning Grammar Nazis.