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  1. That's weird. It's still on adult swim website. No worries!
  2. That's not a problem, thanks Arian! In the meantime, I'll do some digging to find the episode guides to these shows.
  3. I would like a few shows that air on adult swim. Fugget About It (S03, either adult swim or Hulu rip) - Fridays at 9:30pm EST http://www.adultswim.ca/tv/fugget-about-it/ Knuckleheads - Fridays at 10pm EST http://www.adultswim.ca/tv/knuckleheads/ Night Sweats - Fridays at 11:30 EST http://www.adultswim.ca/tv/night-sweats/ 2 Nuts and a Richard - Fridays 1:30 AM EST http://www.adultswim.ca/tv/2nutsandarichard/ Thanks in advance,
  4. Hi DPM,


    I remember on Cartoon-World, you uploaded S01-S02 of Matt Hatter Chronicles. I'm wondering if you also have S03-S04 recorded or through itv by any chance?



    1. DigiPokeMon


      I live in Australia not UK Manifestx.,


      Matt Hatter Chronicles airs on CN AU atm and Eleven


      I dont have access to Eleven where seasons 3 and 4 aired on unforanity



    2. manifestx


      Thanks for the information DPM! I had no idea it was still airing elsewhere.



    3. DawnShadow.


      Seasons 3 and 4 on Eleven are horribly edited too, which is why I don't record them. Most episodes only run for 19 minutes.

  5. One Piece (4Kids dub) DVD {Solved}

    Here's the folder link: https://mega.co.nz/#F!OtQ0QIzD!177XDBEKGzf7uOMCm0HPkQ The first DVD will be uploaded in around 1.5 hrs. The rest to follow in 2 hour segments. Cheers
  6. One Piece (4Kids dub) DVD {Solved}

    Volumes of DVD; Alright I'll start it up; edit: Mind if I upload the VIDEO_TS in a zip? edit2: just realized I removed the isos when creating the mkvs... i'll decrypt the dvds again and make them into an iso.
  7. One Piece (4Kids dub) DVD {Solved}

    I can upload 1,2,5,8,and 10 if nobody has yet. I was collecting them myself. Just let me know and I'll up them to Mega
  8. Hi there. Had seen your post on C-W so, do u think you can do something about this: http://forums.kametsu.com/index.php?/topic/37864-bakuten-shoot-beyblade-all-season/?hl=beyblade

    1. manifestx


      Hi dragonamar, I've only done I think 3 episodes of Season 2. I have no plans to continue the project. If you would like the episodes up, I can provide it for you.

      All the best

    2. dragonamar


      where did u get the source files? Was it DVD?

  9. I would like to see Ricky Sprocket and/or Class of the Titans.
  10. Hello everyone

    Hey guys, I came from C-W and I hope this website will be my new home. I am 24 years old, and my favourite anime is One Piece. Cheers ManifestX