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  1. Yes they mentioned it awhile back that Amy and Rory would be leaving in a very upsetting way. The new woman though is a girl who used to be in a UK soap opera called Emerdale. She was in Captiain America the movie aswell for a few minutes at the beginning. cant remember if he actually got to say anything though ;P
  2. i havnt played uncharted myself yet. Little big planet is a good game that is really good because if you finish the story theres still lots more to do as other players make up levels and aload of them are really good! I love playing Silent hill levels that people make
  3. you could try maplestory? It might not be to everyones taste but i started playing it when i was alot younger and im still playing it now XD (i have taken breaks from it though throughout the years ) It takes up about 4GB hard drive and i can play it fnie on a 2GB ram laptop. Great thing about it is its free unless you want to pay money for some outfits which have no effect on your stats at all. Theres different clients depening if your from the US or the EU so make sure if you do download it to pick the right one ^^
  4. havnt really played this game much. only against my brother and he beats me each time i love that this time its not "who can sub the fastest" so the players have to actually fight but i hate the masked man character. alot of the times you can go to attack him and the attack does nothing
  5. soul eater was the last anime i watched/completed. i started off really enjoying the series but after the first few episodes the rest just felt like fillers but there was nothing for it to fill as it ended =(
  6. i dont like watching alot of dub anime as alot of times english vice actors cant say the names right. it is annoying though when you hear a voice and you immediatly recognise it from another anime because al you have in your mind is the character from the other anime and its hard to pay attention
  7. i think ive been lucky coz theres only a handful of anime that i have not been happy with the ending. the majority of them i loved the ending but then i was sad t see it end XD
  8. i remember me and my dad flicking through the TV channels one night, my mum was out and my brother was in bed and it was while flicking through we came across sci fi channel. we were like " O_O cartoons" then we see all the action and were practically drooling XD (th first anime we saw was ninja scroll XD) then me and my dad would check each night to see if there was anymore on but sadly it was only on a saturday night. now they dont show anime anymore =(
  9. i remember falling aseep when i was watching an episode of excel saga XD it was the one boring episode and i was so glad i fell asleep during it XD
  10. i love all xmen series XD Its ashame there arent more cartoons of the xmen out there. bout time they made a new one! always loved watching wolverine
  11. ...O_O... That video was actually very disturbing You have to wonder what goes through the minds of people at CN
  12. do i remember saturday morning cartoons? of course i do! when i stayed round my nans it was only her mentioning the cartoons that managed to get us out of bed really early XD (she used to get us up at 8 on a saturday... the horror!) loved coming down to watch cartoons and munch on cereal... those were the days ;P
  13. wow theres so many good openings to choose from O_O um if i had to choose one i would have to go for Death Note openings and some of the Naruto openings!
  14. i watch dr who but just the newer seres. i did watch random eps of the older series growing up but its been so long its more like a blur. Loved David tennant as the Dr but then alot of people do XD I dont like the new dr because i notice that every now and again he tries to act like tennant and hes nowhere near that level. Where david tennants series was serious but had comedy in it aswell i find matt smiths is all just comedy and i liked some of the darker episodes of the past
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