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  1. what kind of format are the "I0" files?

    so,I downloaded a DVD file of an interactive movie game called Dracula Unleashed,but the files came like this: DRACULA_UNLEASHED (by Zephyros).I00 DRACULA_UNLEASHED (by Zephyros).I01 DRACULA_UNLEASHED (by Zephyros).I02 DRACULA_UNLEASHED (by Zephyros).I03 DRACULA_UNLEASHED (by Zephyros).I04 DRACULA_UNLEASHED (by Zephyros).I05 DRACULA_UNLEASHED (by Zephyros).MDS DRACULA_UNLEASHED (by Zephyros).SFV what kind of format is that and what do I need to do to burn in a DVD and run on my DVD player?
  2. Free Premium Link Generators

    if anybody is accepting more suggestions, http://vinaleech.com/ seems to be a good one,but I still can't find a good generator for sendpace links,does anybody know a good one?
  3. program to edit and sync audio?

    mkvtoolnix is the same thing as the mkvmerge that I use,right?where is the option to delay the audio?God,I suck so much it's shameful...
  4. program to edit and sync audio?

    I have been compiling dubs from around the world for some of my favorite anime and I have been wanting to synch them in a single video. I use mkvmerge to get and mix audio and video,but sometimes,there is one or two audios that are out of sync and I don't know what to do to fix that(because honestly,I'm not an expert on these things.).MPC and VLC has such options,but it affect the other audios(I sync one audio,and the others become out of sync,consequently) and it doesn't save the configurations,once I close the video,the audio gets out of sync but others will be fine again.What do you guys suggest?
  5. Code Lyoko: Season 5

    it's nice there will be more Code Lyoko,I remember liking when it was aired.
  6. Bleach Anime Nears its End. (True Story, Bro)

    I hope they animate the final manga arc somehow.I hate anime with no endings...
  7. What are your bad habits?

    being a heavy sleeper,sometimes it troubles me a lot...
  8. PS3 /360 with an SSD

    yeah,I tried that on PS3,but nothing seems much changed to me...
  9. Question about Episode 50.

    One Piece fillers are usually short,so they don't get in the nerves,unlike Bleach and Naruto with their endless fillers...
  10. One Piece

    to me,the series never lost its excitement.Hopefully,we will see more DVD releases from Funimation.
  11. The Avengers (2012)

    oh,boy.Gonna watch it this weekend.there's no way it can turn out bad,can it?
  12. Two and a Half Men

    I liked this series,but ever since Sheen was fired,it never was the same thing...
  13. The Walking Dead (TV Series)

    I'm loving this series.Bought the Blu-Ray box set of season 1 and I'm gonna buy the other sets as well.!!
  14. Eureka Seven AO

    I still think we will see some old characters making a cameo.
  15. The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra

    I'm liking it so far.Hopefully,it will turn out as great as Legend of Aang was.