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  1. johnny-sasaki

    what kind of format are the "I0" files?

    so,I downloaded a DVD file of an interactive movie game called Dracula Unleashed,but the files came like this: DRACULA_UNLEASHED (by Zephyros).I00 DRACULA_UNLEASHED (by Zephyros).I01 DRACULA_UNLEASHED (by Zephyros).I02 DRACULA_UNLEASHED (by Zephyros).I03 DRACULA_UNLEASHED (by Zephyros).I04 DRACULA_UNLEASHED (by Zephyros).I05 DRACULA_UNLEASHED (by Zephyros).MDS DRACULA_UNLEASHED (by Zephyros).SFV what kind of format is that and what do I need to do to burn in a DVD and run on my DVD player?
  2. johnny-sasaki

    Code Lyoko: Season 5

    it's nice there will be more Code Lyoko,I remember liking when it was aired.
  3. johnny-sasaki

    Bleach Anime Nears its End. (True Story, Bro)

    I hope they animate the final manga arc somehow.I hate anime with no endings...
  4. johnny-sasaki

    What are your bad habits?

    being a heavy sleeper,sometimes it troubles me a lot...
  5. johnny-sasaki

    PS3 /360 with an SSD

    yeah,I tried that on PS3,but nothing seems much changed to me...
  6. johnny-sasaki

    Question about Episode 50.

    One Piece fillers are usually short,so they don't get in the nerves,unlike Bleach and Naruto with their endless fillers...
  7. johnny-sasaki

    One Piece

    to me,the series never lost its excitement.Hopefully,we will see more DVD releases from Funimation.
  8. johnny-sasaki

    The Avengers (2012)

    oh,boy.Gonna watch it this weekend.there's no way it can turn out bad,can it?
  9. johnny-sasaki

    Two and a Half Men

    I liked this series,but ever since Sheen was fired,it never was the same thing...
  10. johnny-sasaki

    The Walking Dead (TV Series)

    I'm loving this series.Bought the Blu-Ray box set of season 1 and I'm gonna buy the other sets as well.!!
  11. johnny-sasaki

    Eureka Seven AO

    I still think we will see some old characters making a cameo.
  12. johnny-sasaki

    The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra

    I'm liking it so far.Hopefully,it will turn out as great as Legend of Aang was.
  13. I have no words to describe this anime...
  14. johnny-sasaki

    Panty Stocking and Garterbelt...?

    cant wait to see it dubbed.Looks like it will be out in June.
  15. took them long enough to finally release it,huh?