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  1. so,I downloaded a DVD file of an interactive movie game called Dracula Unleashed,but the files came like this: DRACULA_UNLEASHED (by Zephyros).I00 DRACULA_UNLEASHED (by Zephyros).I01 DRACULA_UNLEASHED (by Zephyros).I02 DRACULA_UNLEASHED (by Zephyros).I03 DRACULA_UNLEASHED (by Zephyros).I04 DRACULA_UNLEASHED (by Zephyros).I05 DRACULA_UNLEASHED (by Zephyros).MDS DRACULA_UNLEASHED (by Zephyros).SFV what kind of format is that and what do I need to do to burn in a DVD and run on my DVD player?
  2. it's nice there will be more Code Lyoko,I remember liking when it was aired.
  3. johnny-sasaki


    I hope they animate the final manga arc somehow.I hate anime with no endings...
  4. being a heavy sleeper,sometimes it troubles me a lot...
  5. yeah,I tried that on PS3,but nothing seems much changed to me...
  6. One Piece fillers are usually short,so they don't get in the nerves,unlike Bleach and Naruto with their endless fillers...
  7. johnny-sasaki

    One Piece

    to me,the series never lost its excitement.Hopefully,we will see more DVD releases from Funimation.
  8. oh,boy.Gonna watch it this weekend.there's no way it can turn out bad,can it?
  9. I liked this series,but ever since Sheen was fired,it never was the same thing...
  10. I'm loving this series.Bought the Blu-Ray box set of season 1 and I'm gonna buy the other sets as well.!!
  11. I still think we will see some old characters making a cameo.
  12. I'm liking it so far.Hopefully,it will turn out as great as Legend of Aang was.
  13. cant wait to see it dubbed.Looks like it will be out in June.
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