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  1. westnortel

    Harry Potter : The Anime ...

    It would be an interesting idea though hopefully the studio in charge would not mess with the original plot too much. Furthermore, would be interested to see animated scenes of action where the live movies fail to portray properly or omitted.
  2. westnortel

    Manga and Anime, which comes first?

    Either way is fine for me, sometimes I find the anime interesting and read the accompanying manga and sometimes I read manga first then watch the anime...It is more like first come first served where whichever version I come upon first is the version I will watch/read...
  3. It finally being released....but i still dont like how they changed VA...especially for such important characters...sigh...
  4. westnortel

    Avatar: The Last Airbender

    The series was an awesome one...the movie was just terrible...it is a wonder how the director thinks that it is presentable...
  5. I'm pretty sure I watched every episode there is but I really doubt you can find the entire series in a decent quality since it is quite old and not that popular...
  6. westnortel

    Which MMORPG game are you playing?

    Use to play runescape, WoW and league of legends...now...not so much playing MMORPG's
  7. westnortel

    What first got you sucked into anime and mangas?

    starting with pokemon then yugioh when i was young...then started with manga (naruto, bleach, etc) and their animes...
  8. westnortel

    how do you choose a good anime?

    recommendations from friends...or else i watch the first 2 episodes of the anime before i choose whether or not to continue watching it...
  9. westnortel

    Is 8/10 a bad score?

    8/10 is above average for reviews...though it also depends on the site itself where you can compare to something (a game/anime/manga/wutever) that you have personally peruse to make a "scaled" score for u to decide to whether or not ur interested in... In terms of grades...8/10 is kinda average since alot of schools(non-post secondary level) are inflating all the scores to make them look better...
  10. westnortel

    Do you ever fall asleep to anime?

    Falling asleep no...but make be tired to hell and get annoyed by it many times...but usually when that happens...i drop the series
  11. westnortel

    sad deaths?

    hands down...L's death in death note for me...
  12. westnortel

    Are some animes too short

    Yeah...loads...mainly the ones that are like only 12 episodes long....they should be able to do better and make it atleast 20+
  13. westnortel

    Do you forget the names of characters?

    I forget most of the characters from all but the most recent or my favourite animes... and even then...I Only remember the main characters names...
  14. westnortel

    Anime or Manga?

    Anime...manga can be dam slow and tiring to read at times....at least for anime you just watch the pretty animation speak n stuff...
  15. westnortel

    Anime censoring - How far should it go?

    agreed.... there should always be a director's cut edition in DVD editions...censorship is fine for TV but terrible for those who spent money to purchase a hard copy of the anime