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Everything posted by Faronil

  1. And the winning answer gets to be put beneath the logo
  2. It's clearly a lotus with a purple moustache ...I like it...
  3. I demand a PC release ! Maybe one day...
  4. A tear for @NeutralHatred and good luck(?) @Idle
  5. They can like more posts, can't they?
  6. Sad to see you "retire" Thank ye for all thine good work though. ┬░salute┬░ (Glad to see you came around to finish/fix Ergo Proxy )
  7. Maybe at the end of the month if I got some leftovers >.<
  8. Hey, there it is! Your very own index My desire for unnecessary pixels has been satisfied
  9. Not for the wall -2 = 484
  10. Well that bible is necessary so that my biography includes all my glorious deeds - 2 = 488 Well then have fun in retirement
  11. Yus! I'll mark it as a victory in my victory bible... -2 = 488
  12. Nah just to easy... -2 = 488
  13. zzzZZZ -2 = 488
  14. Or you just play the VN and get the full package (story wise at least)! Have to admit UBW is by far my favorite, story and animation wise (Anime as well as in-game).
  15. Can't wait for a decent Dual-Audio release of Ping Pong But you're still gonna lose this! Come join the dark side! -2 = 488
  16. Well now I have to go look for your posts instead just lazily clicking on a pretty link underneath your name You're going to make me work?! How dare ye! -2 = 488
  17. Okay I'm back, the wall is bleeding too much, had to call an ambulance... -2 = 488 Btw, don't you have an Index yet Moby? Shame
  18. ... I... Well.. Now you know why I'm on the Evil side... I think I'll go punch a wall for a bit... -2 = 488
  19. That reminds me, I have to watch the new star wars movie <.< -2 = 488
  20. The dark side LOVES its snacks! Why do you think Darth Vader was so angry all the time? Because he couldn't eat with that mask on! Completely canon... -2 = 488
  21. Well, we do have cookies on the dark side... besides who says I didn't donate to the prosperous evil side -2 = 488
  22. Purple is the new black. You're just envious since you lost your purple -2 = 488
  23. You oughta be, boi -2 = 488
  24. I feel responsible to add Neon Genesis Venagelion to that list @Hicks Then again depends on the kind of Sci-Fi you're looking for
  25. I'd say DEFINITELY watch FSN first. Watching Zero first spoils major plot twists in FSN and Zero is also much more enjoyabel to watch afterwards (in my opinion) since you have many more "ooooh" and "ahhhh" moments