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  1. Nice to see you back in action! I'm just about there to being active again Now it's back for me to catching up with new releases
  2. And the winning answer gets to be put beneath the logo
  3. It's clearly a lotus with a purple moustache ...I like it...
  4. I demand a PC release ! Maybe one day...
  5. A tear for @NeutralHatred and good luck(?) @Idle
  6. They can like more posts, can't they?
  7. Sad to see you "retire" Thank ye for all thine good work though. ┬░salute┬░ (Glad to see you came around to finish/fix Ergo Proxy )
  8. Maybe at the end of the month if I got some leftovers >.<
  9. Hey, there it is! Your very own index My desire for unnecessary pixels has been satisfied
  10. Not for the wall -2 = 484
  11. Well that bible is necessary so that my biography includes all my glorious deeds - 2 = 488 Well then have fun in retirement
  12. Yus! I'll mark it as a victory in my victory bible... -2 = 488
  13. Nah just to easy... -2 = 488
  14. zzzZZZ -2 = 488
  15. Or you just play the VN and get the full package (story wise at least)! Have to admit UBW is by far my favorite, story and animation wise (Anime as well as in-game).