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  1. Happy Birthday ! One more til' 30 xD

    1. Koby


      Damn, I'm getting old then.

  2. Merry Christmas and praise to all the slaves working for amazon for making the holidays a little less of a pain :D

  3. Well it was actually my fault for being absent most of the year and not keeping up with releases n' stuff Although now I got the same Christmas present two years in a row...
  4. I'm going to I didn't request this series for nothing! Was just waiting for your finalized version...for about a year
  5. What kinda of doomsday event took place here that this level of coordination was reached I'm scared
  6. Are you currently still working on anything? Or too busy now that you've given up your yellow title for a shiny blue mod title
  7. Back from the grave to give a collective Thank ye for some of the releases you put out... (I've been gone for quite some time...) Thought by now you'd given up on releases Now I just have to figure out this new like-system...
  8. Nice to see you back in action! I'm just about there to being active again Now it's back for me to catching up with new releases
  9. Faronil

    Meaning behind the logo

    And the winning answer gets to be put beneath the logo
  10. Faronil

    Meaning behind the logo

    It's clearly a lotus with a purple moustache ...I like it...
  11. Faronil

    Recent Gaming Purchases?

    I demand a PC release ! Maybe one day...
  12. A tear for @NeutralHatred and good luck(?) @Idle
  13. Sad to see you "retire" Thank ye for all thine good work though. °salute° (Glad to see you came around to finish/fix Ergo Proxy )
  14. Hey, there it is! Your very own index My desire for unnecessary pixels has been satisfied