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  1. 597553!! nothing spacial about it but someone has to lol
  2. Ill be honest with you, you sound like a guy with many good qualities but you are worried about the wrong things... don't get me wrong i understand where you are coming from but you're very young and there is no need to rush.. It doesn't mean you shouldn't put some effort but keep in mind to not settle for someone who doesn't deserve you, explore your options and get out there as much as you can i found that hobbies connect people in the best way for example i go to the gym and love to rock climb and i meet some great people when i'm doing both... easier said then done? true but its not as hard as you think after all you said it yourself you are full of good qualities let people see that! you live only once make sure to get the best out of it! you can do it!
  3. An old castle in Germany near a lake... much like this:
  4. October - Japan here I come !! ^^

  5. Tidus from ffx - how can anyone not like this guy or at least sympathize with him? lightning from ffxiii - tough strong and can win any fight + has the best Eidolon of them all odin ^^ (btw love the aeon anima from ffx as well)
  6. neon genesis evangelion (masterpiece!) watched it so many times i know the script...
  7. Evangelion 3.0

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Blood Alchemist

      Blood Alchemist

      lemming you haven't?? why?? its so great!

    3. HeartBeatx


      @lemming ~ Fair statement then ^^. Ive been watching NGE since I was 9, so its kinda hard for me to not love it.

    4. lemmingllama


      @Blood Its on my to watch list. I just never got around to it, I have about 300 series in my backlog and thats only anime.

  8. Jonathan - which comes from the hebrew bible meaning "god gave" or "gift of god"
  9. Its rather sunny here nice weather for most people, I like the cold ^^
  10. Well I dont know alot of anime series that can reach the really high standerds of neon genesis evangelion and rebuild movies and fullmetal alchemist but since I like most of the anime in your list i could tell you what I also like: The Twelve Kingdoms death note black lagoon cowboy bebop blood + hope this helps ^^
  11. Thank you very very much (= I guess ill have to be patient, i just really love Evangelion (from the manga to rebuild all of it) (= and im used to dub actors by now
  12. This question was probably asked alot but I cant find a topic so ill ask again does anybody know the Evangelion 3.0 english dub release date? Thanks in advance (=
  13. I love the original NGE and i love rebuild. I really had no problem with the endings i dont think they were bad i just think they are different from what i was expecting (good different). I love how the characters evolve in the series (i love asuka (= ) and mostly how deep it is i dont watch it just for the action i like the philosophical and psychological parts as well. rebuild is an improvment from the original confusing parts (= i loved EOE (although it was a bit wierd but i guess its subjective) it gave me a closure after kaworu/adam died )= (not only that but also asuka was amazing in the movie). feel free to comment on what i wrote jds
  14. My favorite character is Lenny (or Ren depends on which version) Lenny is tough yet nice and funny i like how yoh breaks his bitterness after a while... not only that but i also like what he contributes to the group when he is free of that and most of all I love the accent in the english version (= Anna is cool and tough as well however i have a problem with bossy ladies lol
  15. The original NGE is with no doubt my number 1 anime... even without EOE... There is so much to say about the show it has all the best elements in my opinion a wonderful and creative plot, the use of technology and psychology together with a fantastic and philosophical touch... And the character its so easy to connect and empathize with them and their interactions... (my favorite is Asuka) there are lots of renewals to the original show but none are massive (except rebuild)... EOE - A great movie and a great ending to the show I felt it was a bit weird while watching it (you know the giant rei/ lilith, the egg of lilith absorbing the souls, the sea of LCL and more...) however there were some parts I cant get out of my head... (= Death and Rebirth - Not even worth mentioning as it is just a re-edit... Rebuild - Now this is interesting... here they made some massive changes to the show (they even changed Asuka's name...) and even with all of this its still a masterpiece the animation is clearly great, the story still keeps you guessing whats going to happen next, the characteristics changed alot from original show... however i feel that 4 movies are not enough to grasp the intensity and complexity of the story in full... There is only one thing that bothers me about the story and animation - the use of religious symbols and myths... for example Adam the first human, lilith the Jewish mythology female demon (לילית), massive amount crosses and alot of others... but i guess thats just a part ill have to accept in the masterpiece (= Please feel free to share your thoughts with what I wrote (= jds
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