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  1. well heres my say (i know im way late but may be helpful for others) i am a HUGE TOS nut iv 95% the game and i hope 1 day to 100% it but iv beaten it atleast 20 times now just out of pure fun of replaying it because the character design,voice acting,interest in the story was all just a huge guilty pleasure and is still my all time favorite rpg now i have played every Tales of game made and tho theres a few i want to use as a method of torture (tales of legendia) Tales of Vesperia was a lovely fresh rpg for the series the characters were well crafted and the story wasnt that bad it kept my interest all the way through. tho there are a few flaws in this game and Ragna pointed this out and ill address this a little better 360 version: there were towns,secret spots,scenes,and locations that either didnt make alot of sense or was just completely off limits along with the super weapon system, you beat the game with the devil arms and restart the game and you start with them unlocked..this was not true the game did not give you the weapons ps3 version: i have not actually played this one out of my hatred of the ps3 console (i do own it) but i have heard it was a little more complete as some of the level issues such as finding spots in the 360 you werent able to get into along with weapons and arena system was far better (forgot to mention 360 arena mode wasnt finished you could only go so high then the game said "come back later" but it was never unlocked to finish) so over all tho i despise the ps3 i would tell anyone if you are a fan of the Tales of series then go online or find a friend that has this rare game and play it its almost as good as TOS and in my opinion better then TOR (rebirth was good but the characters bored the hell out of me most of the time)....get this game for the ps3 if you can its a complete version as the 360 wasnt fully done
  2. 1. a thread about anime doesnt belong in an anime forum..that makes sense 2. your 2 cents doesnt belong because no one cares and im an a**hole so have a fun day
  3. you are going to hate me for saying this but the ending to FFX was the best...having to grit your teeth through the entire game just to beat it cause you cant leave a game undone..and then that end where Yuna tries to hug Tidus and slams her face into the floor of the ship their on and not only that her face bounces..if you watch closely she slams her face twice into the ship, i fell out of my chair laughing so hard my family dialed 911 thinking i was dying cause i couldnt breath xD p.s i have bought the game 4 more times since then i hate the game but cant stop playing it >.> so ultimately you win this round FFX
  4. What are some of the saddest moments in video games you remember and effected you the most of all for me 1 game series has the 2 saddest moments i have ever come across 1.Gears of War 2 2.Gears of War 3 both moments are Doms when he first must put his wife down (i cried ;- and the other is in 3 when Dom gives up his life to save marcus (again i cried)
  5. im not 100% sure if theirs a thread for this already but oh well im making one anyway its simple who is your favorite english voice actor for me its easy Liam O'Brien the man has the sexiest voice in anime and video gaming history and i dont care if it makes me gay but i love this guy his voice just has that "omg" feeling to it so what are some of your favs? p.s a voice im sure you all will recognize him as is Gaara from both Naruto and Shippuuden
  6. thats pretty cool, iv looked into doing this my self but i have not been able to find anyway to do this without using HXD which personally i dont how to use what programs do you use for this? "thats if your willing to tell" and all your edits are pretty good cant wait to see what more you come up with doing
  7. i dont consider it an mmorpg but its labeled as one SD Gundam Capsule Fighter very fun game and completely free p.s if you play and want to add me nickname is Scav
  8. i am unsure about xbox and nintendo (cause i havent looked) but i know Sony is trying hard to push this matter because their tired of seeing sales on new games going down since people just trade in their games and others buy them because of the cheaper price so Sony is trying to pass the ability to label the games with codes that once your console reads it thats it no other console will be able to use it much like redeem codes once used thats it and if sony has their way this will be passed very soon i mean look at the whole bricking problem with their ps3's i STILL havent updated my ps3 in 2 years because i rather like being able to play movies and games on it and not have a dusty door stop (their have been class action lawsuits against them because of this and sony has won each time they have gone to court so sony has pretty much said F*** the fans because they know we'll keep paying) so yes i truly believe if given the slightest chance this will happen because sony dont care about their fans one little bit p.s go ahead and send me messages or do it on here about how im wrong because i dont really care thats how things are and im sure this will happen if their given any chance of passing it at all
  9. im 2 years late to this i know but i currently own this phone and its worth it, the game pad works perfectly and you are able to load emulators onto the phone which is awesome with the gamepad so if you can get your hands on it cheap like i did do it
  10. 100% Free SD Gundam Capsule Fighter its labeled an MMORP (i dont think so but whatever fun game) id say try that out
  11. Scavage


    Currently im playing a free game that id recommend everyone to at least try SD Gundam Capsule fighters its only 30% complete compared to the Korea version but its still a very fun game p.s if you play and need help look up my nickname Scav
  12. I pre-ordered this game the very moment GameStop allowed you to do so and i have to admit tho it is not even close to what i had in mind it is a very clean and fluent game and is worth every penny i spent. tho as a hardcore fan of the series i have to admit id like to strangle SquareEnix for what they did to this game it is still worth the gameplay and kinda wish they left Aya out of it ;-; BUT all and all if your a fan and you have to have it like i did get it its a great game to play just the story will piss you off
  13. this thread is for those of you much like me have some developers you hate because they ruined your favorite games or just downright cant stomach them 1. Nis America 2. Atlus 3. SquareEnix these are my top 3 most gut wrenchingly bad companies and i know ALOT of you will flame me because of my choices but lets see what some of yours are
  14. man it sounds like no one here actually plays any real rpg's just what ever the most hyped game is this is my list of rpg's give them a try youll probably find them to be really fun and for some better then what iv read here so far 1.Lost Oddysy 2.Infinite Undiscovery 3.Madna Carta 2 4.Tales of Vesperia 5.Deus Ex Human Revolution (yes its a fps rpg) now get away from the "hyped" rpg's and try those you may find youll really enjoy them P.s im the type of person who HATES hyped up games so much..Oblivion,Skyrim,Mass Effect..and i hate FF so go ahead and flame me and send me hate mail for everything i said
  15. i am a HUGE fan of Monster Hunter, i have the very first game from its first day release as well as the second (japanese and english patch versions) i have every psp release japanese and english patched as well as Tri and if anyone is a true die hard fan and wish to play an online computer version look up Hunter Blade it is a complete "rip off" of monster hunter for the pc with updated missions every so often and a mage like weapon "hunting horn" so if your looking for the next monster hunter fix and want it for the PC get Hunter Blade
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