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  1. hey can u send me the link to download one piece in English my enail id is preciousankur1987@gmail.com

  2. Hitman REBORN - episode 50 & 51, I love this anime. The manga rules more though, but it's still great.
  3. Whats wrong with anime games? They are sometimes better than normal games. For instance the Dragonball fighting games are better than most fighting games - and atleast you know the characters instead of fighting with characters you have no idea about. With a game it doesn't really matter what it's based on as long as you enjoy playing it and have fun.
  4. It's very similar to the other Naruto fighting games, they (apart from the fighting games) can be very similar and annoying after a while. The bad thing about this one is that it actually is based off of where the American airings are at the moment... Which sucks but it's still worth a play.
  5. One Piece movie 7 soundtrack kicks all your soundtracks to the curb, as epic as epic gets. I love the opening to too many animes - favourite at the moment is Ah! My Goddess' first opening Chiisana Hane Hirogete by Youko Ishida and Hitman REBORN! first opening Drawing days by Splay.
  6. The love child of Fahrenheit 453, 1984 and the Matrix - nice idea but the hole thing just kept ripping pieces off of other already brilliant ideas. Although worth a watch.
  7. Not a fan of the one posted, however the one in your signature is beautiful. Posted - 6/10 Signature - 9/10
  8. Ugly!! How dare you! He looks like Deidara automatically hotness comes to him! I personally think he should change to a dark, Itachi-like, form though, that would look cool. Or he should get hair like Madara's! If Jiraiya dies I'm going to Japan to slap Kishimoto!
  9. *Revives from death* Mwahaha! The power of my love for Madara's hair brought me back! Anyway, whose read this weeks chapter, Pain is a interesting character!
  10. Just rate the person's signature quote/random words from above you.
  11. Who else loves Madara's hair? ... He should advertise for L'Oreal or something.
  12. Pretty sure that Miaka's best friend [the priestess of Seiryu] is called 'Yui' - Well she was in the original manga anyway.... Fushigi Yugi is a great manga, not a big fan of the anime though. Favorite anime? Hmmmm, I'll say Cardcaptor Sakura for the moment but it's probably not as I have afew favorites.
  13. Joins the brawl! [Link] Now I'm going to have to buy this game! Who else is looking forward to Super Smash Bros Brawl? Apparently theres still going to be more characters, I'm hoping for Megaman next and maybe some more old school ones.
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