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  1. fenriredge

    Know me

    Welcome. Don't worry, everyone here is friendly... . Hope you have fun.
  2. Thanks J-Lord, they all look great I liked sig/avatar 1 the most, (the link says fenrirAvatar3 though). I didn't even think about the name, but don't bother with it xD, its perfect the way it is. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks. They all look great, but i like Sig 1. I didn't even thougth of that.. .but i don't need it. Its perfect the way it is.

    Thanks again.

  4. All done with your avatar and signature request mate. I wasn't sure if you wanted your name on them or not so for now they don't but if you would like your name on them please let me know and ill fix them as soon as possible. Otherwise you have your pick from 3 different versions in the my request thread.


  5. PS3: Final Fantasy XIII; GBA ROMS: Final Fantasy I, II, IV, V and Tactics Advance. NDS ROMS: Tactis A2. PS (Emulated): Final Fantasy Tactics. I had Final Fantasy X,XII and Dirge of Cerberus, but i sold them (I traded my PS2 for PS3, but it dind't have PS2 compatability ).
  6. I like warrior and spellcaster type of monster card but my personal favorites are : Silent Swordman LV5 (LV7 is cool but very restritive), Silent Magician LV8, Buster Blader and Chaos Sorcerer. As for Spell cards i like Harpy's Feather Duster, and trap i like Mirror Force.
  7. I not sure, its either green or light blue. I find blue eyes very pretty, brown being a a close second.
  8. My darkside is very brutal sometimes, even to me. But i usualy keep it under control most of the time. Thinking in how much damage i would do to my life (and of others) if i unleashed it, is usualy enough to calm me down. Its probalby around 50%
  9. Mostly a games, fantasy, mithology, anime, and animation.
  10. I would never hit a woman or anyone else (unless it was for self defense). In my house, my dad used to say : "Don't do to other what you don't want others to do to you." and I follow that, i don't like getting beaten, so i don't beat others. (Althougth some deserve a great big smack in the face....)
  11. I don't know if Grand Chase is mmorpg, but i would like to see a anime of it.
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