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  1. DannyZXC

    Check out this cool anime screensaver

  2. DannyZXC

    How Did You Get Into Final Fantasy?

    I was at church and friend told me it was coming out so when it came out he bought it and gave me the 1st game. I got board in school one day pulled out my iPod and got hooked right away!
  3. DannyZXC

    Thoughts on Final Fantasy XIII

    I think at least 50% of the people that that its stupid, retarded or anything like that would like it by the end of the 5th chapter
  4. DannyZXC

    Do you forget the names of characters?

    I dont forget the names but once I finish the anime about 1-3weeks later I cant remember anyones name only the main characters and the title of the anime
  5. DannyZXC

    Bleach Dub Discussion Thread

    I hope it does they've done such an amazing job!
  6. DannyZXC

    Sony Admits PlayStation Move Has Been A Failure

    Wow! Not many people knew about those... at least not any more, when my brother moved out he left his NES and came back like 11 years later and picked it up but duck shooting I use to play everyday XD
  7. DannyZXC

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    I'm on Sengoku Basara, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and Call of Duty:Black ops all on the PS3
  8. DannyZXC

    Final Fantasy INFINITY!!!!

    I can easily believe that! I've still got a good 50-70 to so I hope that they contiue to make, and improve them!
  9. DannyZXC

    Which FF game had teh best scenery

    I havn't played or seen them all I've only seen/played 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 13-2, and personally I think 13 had the best.
  10. DannyZXC

    Favorite Class?

    I would have to be a Geomancer (From FF III)! Mainly because there powerful
  11. DannyZXC

    Final Fantasy 13-2 Discussion

    Does anyone have any tips on beating this one because I cant seem to be the dragon at the end
  12. DannyZXC

    What Final Fantasy Do You Own?

    I own I (iPod) II (iPod) III (iPod) V (PS1) Viii (PS1) XIII (PS3) XIII-2 (PS3)
  13. DannyZXC

    Aeris or Aerith?

    Yea I call her Aerith too!
  14. DannyZXC

    Are some animes too short

    I agree Angel beats should of been longer, they could of made it soooooo good! However, Bleach and Naruto are to long I cant get over the fact of how good they are!
  15. DannyZXC

    who would you like taken out from bleach?

    I say take no one out!!!