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  1. emiliotheplayer

    Chad useless?

    i think so too.
  2. emiliotheplayer

    bleach urahara's bankai?

    maybe he thought that it would not have done much difference. but i hope to see it before the end.
  3. emiliotheplayer

    Ichigo's new look

    the change was long due. the old look was getting boring.
  4. emiliotheplayer

    Why does Yourichi never use a Zanpakuto?

    funny, but i don't think so. she might be the rocky lee of bleach.
  5. emiliotheplayer

    Tite Kubo talks about Aizen's reason for everything.

    thanks for the info. i was curious about this.
  6. emiliotheplayer

    Will/Should Rukia achieve bankai?

    she should butt she wont
  7. emiliotheplayer

    Hinata and Naruto? The Romance

    hinata should get more attention in the anime as well as in the manga imo.
  8. emiliotheplayer

    naruto gone too far?

    i totally agree. some of the fillers are too funny.
  9. emiliotheplayer

    Who does naruto end up ?

    i second naruto and hinata.
  10. emiliotheplayer

    Jiraiya Fate? *Spoilers*

    yeah he was very courageous till the very end.
  11. emiliotheplayer

    Favorite character voice in Naruto?

    kakashi and bee.
  12. emiliotheplayer

    SPOILERS!!!!!! characters that should not have died.

    naruto's mother imo.
  13. naruto has a great plot. despite the huge number of fillers, the anime is still worth watching.
  14. emiliotheplayer

    who would you like taken out from bleach?

    i'd say the captain of the 10th division. he's a second rate character.