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  1. Well finished Cardcaptors n i am bummed bc there is so much missing from the english dubbed version of it I dont want to spoil it for anyone so I wont say anything like of what it is. I have seen the last episode before in japanese n i was grrrr at the english version of it bc of the lack of scenes but all in all it was a good series I think i am going to have withdrawls from it now its a good thing that I have it on disc though.
  2. Me and my boyfriend are almost done watching Cardcaptors I have seem most of it but we r 4 away from the end we have basically the next series we r going to watch however depending on if something is close to being done downloading then it is between 2 different ones either starting digimon or rewatching Pretear bc he really liked the series n i liked it to the first time i watched it to so if we do end up rewatching Pretear it will be my 3rd time watching it though.
  3. I would have loved it more if they would continue it it seriously needs more maybe another 13 or even 26 episodes but whichever way u look at it it still needs more.
  4. Depending on how much i enjoy the series n how much i liked or disliked the character such as i hate Light Yagami but i remember his name stuff like that.
  5. There is some out there that i would really wish for them to complete bc way to much was left open or just continue bc so much more could be done with it such as Blood+, Magic Knights Rayearth, Amatsuki, Earth Girl Arjuna is one that really needs to continue but Pilot Candidate needs to more though, Fruits Basket is one that really needs to continue hell the Manga is done they need to continue it like hella bad....those r just some of the ones off the top of my head. However Busou Renkin had a pretty good ending, GetBackers was an anime with a decent ending could use more but doesnt need more. However there is one anime i am going to put in a different spot for itself: Ikki Tousen....OKay for those that have or want to see it I have not seen the newest season of it yet however Ikki Tousen: Great Guardians. The ending was an awesome way to end it well for an ecchi series i guess but when i found out that they were coming out with a new season i was like "OH GOD PLEASE DONT" its good how it is please dont f*ck it up its fine how it is it doesnt need more. So far i have seen alittle bit n i think I watched the first ep n i will say now not impressed yet but I dont drop animes so i will complete it.
  6. Well do be forwarded everyone that i have talked to that has read the manga then watched the anime was very disappointed in the anime so do be forwarded.
  7. Ikki Tousen is pretty much the other one that i can say bc there is but there is so much more to the series then that.
  8. That is what me n my sisters n i have been saying like Ash is still 10 that is just retarded to be honest. Its like wtf to be honest. this is like what is something new they can do that they havent done already. I agree the games r the only thing worth anything now. Movies r okay though but ash still needs to age n stuff. Also on the topic what r some peoples ideas for the final games?
  9. To be honest I cant get a full count but alot though.
  10. Yes some animes r u to short like to a high level sometimes.
  11. If the english cast is good then i am okay with it but if not i will take the japanese anyday however there is some that i refuse to watch in english Flame of Recca is at the top of the list that was just horrible there is some that the english was really good. Outlaw Star, Magic Knights Rayearth, n Card Captors r the top 3 that i can think of right now.
  12. I am sad to say that i am disappointed in endings of animes more often then not but also there is the fact that some of them want to let u kind of create a story as to what happens next i guess is the best way to explain it. there is also the fact that some of them continue on the manga but then again i am not saying i enjoy the endings that they sometimes have I hated Pilot Candidate anime ending it was lousy bc it really wasnt an ending in my opinion for the longest time i swear Earth Girl Arjuna had the worst ending bc i hadnt seen or rather i thought i hadnt seen the ending to Pilot Candidate but it turned out that i did so it mad top worst anime ending bc well it really didnt end. thats what i have to say about that.
  14. I have watched n finished the anime it was good but i need to start reading the manga though.
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    Thats what i would like to know?
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