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  1. It's pretty much the troll of anime. And I heard the Funimation is releasing a dub of it this year.. so.. we'll see how that goes although I will like the sub more probable because of the Engrish. XD
  2. You do not question these things.. especially if it's in Lucky Star. XD
  3. One of the first animes I've watched. I loved it. XD
  4. I've seen it and it's awesome. A lot of twists, at least in my opinion.
  5. Loved the 1st two episodes! And Mike and Bryan were trolling a little bit in the first episode.. to those who have watched it, I think you know what I'm talking about.. XD
  6. I am ashamed to say I've never play Kingdom Hearts.. BUT I REALLY REALLY WANT TO.
  7. Vic is definately up there on my faves.. but J Michael Tatum has got to be number 1. He did Scar in FMA:B, and Sebastian in Black Butler and also Kyoya in Ouran.. LOVE HIM.
  8. cazamtothemax


    Either way, I'd love to see it come back!
  9. I gave up hope on digimon after Data Squad.. but I keep hearing this is awesome, so I might go and watch it.
  10. LOVE IT. Actually making an AMV about Haruhi and Tamaki right now lol
  11. I've never watched the subs, only the dubs when I was a kid. I only watched until the beginning of the 3rd gen.. and then a couple of episodes in the other gens.. but yeah, I stopped liking it just because I realized the games were a lot better to me XD
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