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  1. bezelbubba

    Megaupload Rumors?

    Vinny, is your sig pic a joke? DIdn't they turn off file sharing?>
  2. bezelbubba

    jDownloader broken

    my jdownloader is always throwing fits. try deleting the log file from the config directory if it has grown too large. otherwards update java and scrap jdownloader... after backing up the settings if you can. There is a backup directory in there try replacing the script and properties files from one from a few days ago.
  3. bezelbubba

    Laptop Problem

    Try typping the screen at an angle and see if you can make out any items on it. A text file or a high contrast display should work. I would point fault at the inverterr board or ccfl light. You can also run it to an external monitor, if everything displays correctly , that can rule out video card corruption.
  4. bezelbubba

    Megaupload Rumors?

    The legal case is a mess over the legality of the actions of the players involved. If you follow the drama on torrentfreak, you can seethat this will be a mess that will take a long time to untangle. But here is hoping for binding legal precedent in favor for the flow of information .
  5. bezelbubba

    PS3 conected to Portable HDD

    note fat 32 does not support files over 4giga bite, so carful with dvd isos
  6. bezelbubba

    Comodo Dragon Browser

    gonna have to try it thanks for the info!
  7. bezelbubba

    Windows 7, switch user question

    you could also get a vpc spun up on your windows 7 box virtural box, vmware player, and windows 7 has a win xp virtural machine built in surf with out virus damage
  8. bezelbubba

    Laptop Woes

    dont press, the screen is already cracked, you will just make it worse. There is no fix for your laptop screen, sorry. run it externally on a monitor or hd tv or replace it. =(sorry
  9. bezelbubba

    Can't use two external hard drives of the same model

    iomega drives are guilty of this, they share teh same named identifier and need to be reassigined through disk management in windows right click on my computer, go to manage, go to drive managemnt and yu can enable the drive there I had this same problem witha batch of iomega. They all shared the same drive name and windows didnt like that. ---------- Post added at 12:37 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:37 PM ---------- btw thanks for all your hard work on this and other forums ruriko
  10. bezelbubba

    Question about PS3 HDDs

    and dont switch drives between systems. Use the old drive as a backup a ps3 can die just like any other peice of hardware
  11. bezelbubba

    PS3 Magic Truth or Fraud?

    2005 tech !> new intel hotness sorry yellow dog was a dog also, the ps3's RISC can crunch the hell out of things when coded to it, but with firmware patches limitingthe system i dont think any of these projects will get of the ground
  12. bezelbubba

    iBUYPOWER PC Any good?

    I had one billing issue with a fleet of computers I bought off them years ago other than that solid builds with pretty clean wiring. You can get off the shelf parts and do it yourself, but on rare occasions tehir packages beat the time/effort to build one yourself. You are paying for the work/support that goes into a build though to them insted of the do it yourself cheap way.
  13. bezelbubba

    PS3 /360 with an SSD

    the microsoft xbox uses special drives, and need firmware and hardware hacks to get the most compatable WD Blue drives to work on them. PS3 dont care, you just cannot swap drives between systems.
  14. bezelbubba

    Hard Disk ...

    try and keep then n a poen space, overheating may indicate a firmware problem where the drive is running. Most external drives have a power save features where it will spin down and dock the heads to extend the life of the drive. Many ofthese drives are made with low end , slow, green drives. You can alsys run it with out a case or replace it.
  15. bezelbubba

    Question about Walmart's Site To Store

    just a note that wall-mart will not price match deals from their online site. So if there is a price difference between their website and the store, wall mart will not price match the store price. You will have to ship the item to the store to get the online price, even if it is in stock at the store.