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  1. it should be urahara kisuke who should be kicking his ass
  2. if u want to know go to http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/Bleach_Wiki
  3. u can't really compare with these 2 hokage . they r better in each way. Minate is fastest and 1st hokage is strongest. it like speed vs strength. so.. BUT minato is the coolest guy in naruto.
  4. he wouldn't care if naruto is THE hokage or even god-like. i m not sayin sasuke is better.that his style , way of life. he doesn't care anytin. only he care is about revenge.
  5. its better when naruto goes with hinata. ---------- Post added at 07:26 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:25 PM ---------- hinata is better to be with naruto
  6. it was so lame.. no, wait what i meant was graphic was too freaking low so i thought it would be boring.BUT when i kept on watching ....y'all knows. can't get enough of one piece
  7. for me i guess it would be sora no otoshimono and ikkitousen. sora is a good one it is include romance and ecchi. i would also like to check out kiss x sis
  8. johnsonversion


    it would be god-like if he use bankai and he would be more intelligent than before and fast.
  9. johnsonversion


    no freakin way. if that happened. bleach i would go crazy.
  10. u r the only one. if there ain't Orihime this anime would not be sexy or ecchin, juz messing . But really, if there ain't orihime, half of the bleach character will be long gone and ichigo would not have anyone to protect.
  11. it would be something unique like the real demon would appear and fight with him or he would be come demon-ish
  12. of course it would be gud but will be very difficult. unlike Prince of persia they dun have any power so it ain't good to use so many camera affect
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