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  1. well im going to wait until the finish sword monster ark and continue on the sub since thesse ark seems boring.
  2. wow it will be very amusing and probably alot of fighting
  3. For me it was too short i heard the manga is amazing and its almost in its completion hopefully they will make more ova.
  4. its a great show but too short some funny parts and fan service overall good.
  5. its a an extremly good show.Also was there a censored version in english or is only in japanese.
  6. Yeah i know but its exciting how they pronounce the names of the skill they have and how they created and how you could use it.
  7. Sometimes if the anime is good then i will watch until i finish it,But when its boring i fall asleep but still watch it or drop it.
  8. its an awsome show alot of mystery if u seen hell girl then you have to love these.
  9. i like anime it show alot of movement manga is that you have to imagined it
  10. well for me i look at the anime pic if it has good character and look cute and tough then i pick it.
  11. for me i like watching it first it shows cool artwork and u feel like these show is awsome
  12. Its hard remembering all the characters but the characters that really stand out i will never forget.
  13. Sword of the stranger was awsome alot of fighting emotions and artwork plz sequal
  14. Mines would be R.O.D Read or die ova 7/10 Very good alot of fighthing i was amazed when i saw people using the books as there powers.Alot of weird behavior but overall good to watch i really like th the artwork and the animation it kind of looks like sword of the stranger fighting style or something similar.
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