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  1. Watching GUNxSWORD. Good so far.

  2. I always like Tifa more. I love her outgoing personality and shear strength I never understood why Cloud chose Aerith in the first place.
  3. Clay - freaking - more. I was so disappointed with that anime. I tell people if they are going to watch it that they have to read the manga with it to get enjoyment from it. I would also like to see more of Fruits Basket.
  4. So far, I would have to say Kiddy Grade, Gunslinger Girl, and Corpse Princess.
  5. I am extremely excited for this. I have loved Sailor Moon for such a long time.
  6. Cook226

    Anime or Manga?

    I love being able to just kick back and watch an Anime. However, if I really want to enjoy a story or plot, I'll read the Manga. It just offers so much more detail and expands farther than the anime ever could. Love them both, though.
  7. I am currently Watching the following: Fate/Stay Night GunXSword Death Note I am digging them all so far but not too far into any of them as of yet.
  8. I usually rock the mages with Zidane, Vivi, Dagger/Garnet, & Eiko. I have always loved the mage classes and could never stray from it.
  9. This is a hard choice. There are so many classes with infinite possibilities. But, I have always loved the Holy Knight skills from Tactics. I just think they kick the most ass and help out a lot.
  10. I feel like VIII, my second favorite Final Fantasy to VI, goes so underrated because of the battle system. It turned off a lot of people. I never minded it, but know a few friends who abhor the draw system. I also know a few people who didn't like the whole story/plot because it seems a little to much like an anime to them. I guess it is just too much game for some people.
  11. My greatest Final Fantasy Achievement would have to be beating both Emerald Weapon and Ruby weapon with Tifa alone. I spent countless hours maxing out her stats just to do it. I was morphing so many enemies that I dreamed about it. I found it worth it in the end.
  12. My favorite would have to go to Triple Triad by far. I would play just that alone for hours upon hours. I really was addicted to that freakin' card game. Lol.
  13. I first fell in love with Final Fantasy when I was very small. My friends, who lived next door to me, got me hooked on the original Final Fantasy. I would borrow their NES cartridge and play it for hours. Sadly, they always wanted it back. After that, I would rent Final Fantasy VI, which I knew as Final Fantasy III as most Americans did, for a local video store. I spent way too much money on that game. I convincened my partents to buy me a PS1 just to play Final Fantasy VII. I have bought every one since then, excluding XI because I never saw the appeal.
  14. My favorite would have to go to either Celes Chere or Terra Brandford. I simply love Terra because FF6 was the first Final Fantasy game I fell in love with. She has the sentimental value for me. However, I feel that Celes is a deeper character overall. I love the Opera scene with a passion. And, the scene where she throws herself off the cliff is just heart-wrenching. It is a tough pick for me.
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