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  1. pkl111

    Is Bleach Finished?

    Hopefully it comes back I miss it already
  2. pkl111

    One Piece vs. Fairy Tail

    one piece would win
  3. pkl111

    does anyone like buggy the clown

    no he is annoying
  4. pkl111

    One Piece

    luffys will to never give up and always fight for his crew
  5. hope so it would be good for them to get another person who can actually swim
  6. pkl111

    So I just started watching One Piece

    expect many long nights ahead haha its very addictive
  7. pkl111

    Luffy far too weak?

    i think now after his training he will be strong enough. i wonder now whats left for him to do to get stronger
  8. pkl111

    Ichigo's Next Power Up!

    complete hollowfacation and being able to control it. bankai v2 would be good like ulqiora had a second form
  9. pkl111

    who would you like taken out from bleach?

    None i think they should bring in a few more friends like they did with the vizards
  10. pkl111

    the return of orochimaru

    i think its a bit stupid for him to return his time in naruto is over
  11. pkl111

    *SPOILER ALERT* New One Piece Opening

    awesome i love when they change the endings
  12. pkl111

    Does it get better?

    normally one piece has its boring stage then builds up to really good episodes then back to boring
  13. pkl111

    Will Tsunade ever die?

    i recon she may die just before naruto is made hokage
  14. pkl111


    welcome to Kametsu
  15. pkl111

    Bleach Anime Nears its End. (True Story, Bro)

    didnt they have like another 3 years of magnas or something like that. Why would they end something that makes them so much money